700,000 Active Users in 7 Weeks: The Story Behind Meerkat’s Explosive Growth



Two months ago, Meerkat didn’t even exist. Today, the live-streaming app has over 700,000 active users, including people like Jimmy Fallon and Madonna.

It all started as a side project. Founder Ben Rubin had been working on live-streaming products as part of his job at Life On Air, and he thought it’d be fun to work on Meerkat in his spare time.

But then Meerkat took off. So five days after launching the app, Ben made the decision to pivot the entire company and focus the team full-time on Meerkat.

In this episode of The Growth Show, Ben sits down with HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe to share the story behind Meerkat’s crazy growth. He specifically talks about:

  • Meerkat’s launch strategy and how they grew so fast
  • How they’ve kept growing despite being cut off from Twitter’s graph
  • The decision to shift the focus of the entire company in just five days
  • Why live-streaming matters and the opportunity to bring authenticity back to social media



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