A Young Couple Aging 70 Years Will Make You Laugh and Cry



Engaged couple Kristie and Tavis, two such specimens of young love, wanted to look into their future before they tied the knot in a month. Field Day gave them a chance to peek into their marriage’s crystal ball, and in 100 Years of Beauty, the couple is transformed by a team of makeup artists from attractive 20-somethings into 90-year-olds, complete with costumes and prosthetics.

The heartwarming episode ended with the couple wondering what their last words will be. “You made me a better person. There’s so many things I couldn’t be without you,” stated Tavis. The twosome then realized that they should be writing this down for their upcoming wedding vows. watch the video scroll down  

Watch them fall in love with each other at each age:

The Cut’s YouTube ChannelField Day’s YouTube Channel, via [ TIME ]



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