Facebook’s News Feed now ranks videos based on your volume levels and HD preferences



A little over a week ago, Facebook started refining its News Feed by ranking posts based not just on what you click, like, comment and share, but also by  how long you look at them.

A week later, it did the same for video posts. And now, it’s adding more subtle measurements to gauge your interest in video.

For example, Facebook will now take into account whether you’ve turned up the volume on your video, made it full screen or enabled HD playback. Those details will factor in on whether or not to show you similar videos.

It’s just the most recent instance of Facebook refining your News Feed with more than just likes and comments. After all, just because we’re not invested enough to like or comment on a post, doesn’t mean we don’t want to see them (contrary political views, for instance).

Facebook says the changes are rolling out today and will be applied to everyone in the coming weeks. If you’re a business Page admin, Facebook says the update won’t significantly affect your distribution of video views.



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