Google Hangouts Mistakes You Must Avoid


Google Hangouts is a very resourceful video chatting service that allows you to talk one-on-one with individuals and features group chatting. It provides the ability to streamline live videos using the “Hangouts on Air” feature, allowing audiences to watch and enjoy live video streaming of content. Many also use Google Hangouts for marketing their brands and products, however very few have actually gained from it. This is especially true when brands make avoidable mistakes  when using Google Hangouts as part of a marketing strategy.

Here are some of the most common Google Hangout mistakes to avoid, so you can have a successful Google Hangout session.

Mistake #1: Refraining from shouting-out loud about your hangout

This is the common mistake that people confer while using Google Hangouts.. If you do not literally shout-out loud about your hangout, it will never get any visits. Everyone is quite busy, however people do make necessary changes for attending something which is scheduled for a particular time. That’s why to better maximize your efforts you must promote your hangout on air event well in advance for people to notice and make time for it.

Mistake #2: Changing the Topic at the Last Hour

When you send an invitation to your audience regarding your hangouts, the most important part they will seek to make a decision on whether or not to attend, is the topic of the hangout. If the event name sounds interesting, then it means more people will flock to the hangout. If you do decide to change the topic and inform your hangout attendees at the last minute, you will get a lot of negative criticism and impact any further events you host. In fact, your audience may not consider any of your future event invitations either.

Mistake #3: Not Sending Out Reminders for the Replay

There are many people who are interested in a particular hangout, but are not able to attend. For this audience, always remind them about the event replay. But before you send out the reminders for the replay, do disable the public viewing of the event across the different platforms it was showcased, such as the Google+ page, Facebook page and YouTube account. Instead, send a link of the website where it will be streamed so that you can generate more leads and traffic back to your website and for hangouts that you plan further on.

Mistake #4: Confusing a Google Hangout and a Google+ Event

Google Hangouts were developed specifically for webinars. Google+ Event is simply a place to announce and broadcast. Hosting a webinar via Google Hangouts and presenting it on your website along with your branding provides a professional viewpoint from the eyes of your audience. It tells a lot about you as a brand and that you are hosting an official webinar and not some informal video chat provided via a social media platform.

Mistake #5: Lack of Registration Page on Your Website

One huge mistake that most people make is setting up a Google Hangout via Google+ and sharing the using many different social media platforms to share the link of the Hangout. This is a wrong approach as it doesn’t really bring out your brand and showcase your business. Encourage your audiences to visit your official website instead of Google+ Event page where you are devoid of many things such as lack of launch sequence, no registration page, no way to add a thank you page where attendees can also add the event in their calendar apps, no private page for webinar and no replay page.

Mistake #6: Webinar carrying Poor Content

You and your brand name are under a constant scanner in a Google Hangout. So you must provide your audiences with compelling content that will keep them engaged. People want content and are ready to pay for it, so do not take webinars lightly. Capitalize on the fact that there are people watching it and are willing to give you a chance. Start your Google Hangout with a bang and show your audience that you are providing content that is second to none, which will make them follow your events every time. Also make sure that you do not make them disappear by changing your content completely at the last minute.

Mistake #7: No Proper Marketing Plan

Google Hangouts are just like seminars that take place on the Internet. Ensure that you have an excellent marketing plan for your topics, starting with guest posts on the topic you will speak about and a soft pitch at the end to find out more. Have a registration page that provides the details of the hangout. Also a video is a great way to market your hangout on the registration page. There are lots of ideas that can help you gather a huge crowd if you start seeing it as an actual event.

Mistake #8: Avoiding Answering Questions from the Audience

There is no point in having a Google Hangouts page if you ignore or do not answer the questions that are put forward to you by the live stream audience. It is your “Hangout on Air” and you should take care of the queries from your audience. Examine the issues addressed by them and try your best to answer, so that you can start create a communication bridge with your live audience. Allot some time at the end to answer any questions.


These are some of the most common mistakes that brands make when starting a Google Hangouts campaign. If you avoid these mistakes and go through the right methods to showcase your content, you can easily capture a large audience.


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