How to Use Web Video Marketing to Build the Reputation of a Person Who Impresses You


How to Use Web Video Marketing to Build the Reputation of a Person Who Impresses You starts with recognizing only a person who deserves your recommendation, says video marketing expert Bob Kaplitz.

He offers the example of Justyna Dymerska.
You could use old fashioned text to deliver the recognition, but video is far more impactful and believable, Kaplitz says. He shares these tips on how to use web video marketing to build the reputation of a person who deserves it.


1. Make sure the person is special.
2. Make sure you’re doing it for the right reason and aren’t expecting anything in return.
3. Be authentic, not rehearsed.
4. Get specific.
5. Keep it short.

Here’s an example Kaplitz created for Justyna Dymerska, Senior Vice President for Best Associates.

“When was the last time someone took the time to recognize you or your work because you impressed them?” Kaplitz asks.

It’s unusual, so when you take the time to recognize that person, it reinforces their skills and dedication in their minds and in the minds of people who search for their name.

In fact, Google “Justyna Dymerska,” and you’ll see the words of praise are already impacting her personal brand, Kaplitz notes, adding:

“Even more importantly, Google your own name. What are people saying about you? What are they taking the time to say on video?”


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