Mobile and social are fueling massive digital-video advertising growth as …


Mobile and social are fueling massive digital-video advertising growth as
Digital video is gaining traction quickly on social-media sites. Facebook was an early backer of the format with the introduction of autoplay video ads in 2013. Recently other social networks, including Twitter, have launched digital-video ad units.
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Alcohol industry timing social media promotions to tie-in with major sporting
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education chief executive Michael Thorn says the link between drinking and sport may be well established. What concerns many is that social media is only making it stronger. “Advertisers and the liquor industry …
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Global social media advertising spend surpasses £10bn in 2014
Global spend on social media advertising rose by 41 per cent in 2014 reaching a record $ 15.3bn (£10.3bn). A new report from technology advisors Strategy Analytics found that as global social network users surpassed 2bn users for the first time, 11 per …
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Facebook’s network keeps expanding, Zuckerberg’s mobile bet pays off
Videos in particular are “exploding&quot. On the social network, Facebook said. The trend has drawn in advertisers as large as movie makers, fast food chains and consumer electronics chains to small-and-medium sized businesses, 1 million of which Facebook …
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Social Media Advertising 2014: .3 Billion Spent On 2 Billion Users [REPORT]
We’re living in an era of social networking. The addiction of ‘sharing’. Everything via online social platforms has been fuelling the rapid growth of social media industry. A recent report from Strategy Analytics cites that the figure of total social …
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Visual Listening: Social Media’s Next Frontier
It’s the reason images have always been a huge mainstay in advertising, as well as the driving force behind the tidal wave of photos and image-based content shared on social networks — as many as 500 million per day, according to last year’s Internet
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