Netflix More Popular Than YouTube, Cable TV Among Teens


YouTube is now a more popular video service among teenagers than cable TV is, according to a new report, but Netflix still reigns supreme overall.

Investment bank and management assessment firm Piper Jaffray has released its semi-annual report surveying teenagers, pulling the viewing habits from a sample pool of 10,000 teens. Netflix snagged the top spot among video consumption options, with 37 percent of teens saying they watch it daily. Netflix ranks above YouTube and cable TV, with YouTube surpassing cable TV by just one percent (the two options came in at 26 and 25 percent, respectively).

Despite the minimal difference between the two, this is the first time ever YouTube has overtaken cable TV in the history of Piper Jaffray’s semi-annual survey.

All three options rank high above Netflix’s two main competitors, Hulu and Amazon Prime, with only three percent of teens using Hulu and six percent of teens saying they use some other video service.

Piper Jaffray’s report notes that “Amazon Prime adoption has grown across all income brackets in each of the past six surveys, most recently indicating Amazon Prime exists in 58% of households of the teens surveyed,” which the firm estimates equates to 63-66 million households subscribing to the service.

Netflix has doubled its output for scripted, original shows this year in its efforts to increase its audience and those subscribers’ consumption of the service’s content.


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