Philips’ ‘Designed to Play’ Drives Mobile Video Engagement


Engaging and interacting with consumers is paramount when it comes to video, and a big component of this interactivity is meeting the demands of an increasingly mobile consumer. Rapt Media has made it possible for us to share product features with our customers in a completely new way.
Willem Schungel, Global Digital Manager of Philips Consumer Lifestyle

Philips’ Goal

To introduce a new generation of young European men to the style possibilities afforded by the Philips Click & Style electric razor by immersing them in an entertaining, playful, interactive brand experience that they could access on mobile devices without downloading an app.

Why Rapt Media


Ogilvy’s creative team in Dusseldorf was working on a tight timeline to implement its ambitious interactive campaign for Philips. There needed to be multiple language versions and it was absolutely critical that the young, tech-savvy audience it was targeting could access the video on mobile devices. The team needed a scalable way to produce a premium brand-engagement video.

Rapt Media was the only technology platform that could deploy Ogilvy’s creative concept in a mobile browser without requiring the viewer to download a separate app. And because Ogilvy knew it would be creating multiple versions, the team was eager to find a solution that would minimize the authoring work. Rapt Media’s editing platform made it simple to duplicate the work into multiple languages.


see the video here:


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