This App Gives Your iPhone Video the Look of 35mm Motion Film


Film emulations (aka filters) are de-rigueur for still photo apps on the iPhone, but they’re far less common for video.

Koji Color, which makes film emulation tools for non-linear editors, is introducing its first such tool for iPhone filmmakers.

The Koji Go app will feature a selection of 35mm motion picture film stocks with serious Hollywood pedigree. They were developed by Dale Grahn, the film color timer for Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola.

The app will offer three film stocks alongside photographic density and temperature controls. It will work with both stills and video. Additional film packs will be available as $0.99 in-app purchases. If you want to make further color tweaks to your video, you’ll be able to transfer it from the app to Koji Advance for Final Cut X.

The Koji Go app is available for $2.99 in the iTunes store.

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