YouTube Added an Activity Tab on iOS So Users Can Manage Their Notifications


YouTube launched a new version of its iOS application, adding an Activity tab to the bottom navigation bar. This tab is synced with the “bell” on YouTube’s desktop website, and it allows users to view and interact with their notifications.

The Activity tab lets users view new comments on their videos, as well as keep track of recent activity from their subscriptions. Users can tap the three dots to the right of each notification to do things like hide individual notifications and change their overall notification settings.

In a YouTube Help Forum post announcing the addition of the Activity tab, Marissa Morrill, a community manager at Google, detailed another part of this update:

If you previously had the Shared tab enabled, you’ll also see a subtab next to notifications for these shared videos.

The Activity tab is now live in the YouTube app on iOS, and it’s coming soon to Android.


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