YouTube launches Artists initiative to give musicians more promotion tools


Early punk pioneered an ethic called DIY (Do It Yourself). Record labels were still weary of these musicians and the artists took it upon themselves to book shows, promote their self-produced albums and create merchandise. Fast forward to now and that DIY ethic has grown to all types of music and YouTube wants to be the center of it all.

Launched today, YouTube for Artists lets musicians connect with fans with an insights tool and helps them promote shows and earn cash via the new YouTube Cards video annotations all within a musician’s YouTube Videos.

With Fan Funding, artists can ask their fans to help fund their art. Or musicians can earn money the old fashion way by selling merchandise (stickers, t-shirts, etc) via the Cards.

The not-quite-released-yet insights tool will help  musicians determine where their videos are being watched in addition to overall views. It’ll also help them find fan-uploaded videos of performances and track those as well.

If you want to make it as a musician these days, you have to be everything. But, that also gives you the control to be the artist you want to be. These new tools from YouTube could help you with that goal.


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