How YouTubers Became A New Breed Of Celebrity That Hollywood Stars Can’t Touch


From releasing books to interviewing President Barack Obama, it’s safe to say YouTube stars are more than just Internet personalities. For teens, they’re today’s role models.

According to a study by Defy Media, 62 percent of Americans ages 13 to 24 consume digital content because it “makes them feel good about themselves.” Only 40 percent reported the same for television.

Being relatable plays a vital role in the popularity of online stars. In a video from Defy Media that compares celebrities and YouTubers, one teen described an actor as simply “a body with a script.” Another teen said YouTubers are more interesting because they “show everyone who they are.”

This engagement helps YouTubers connect with and motivate viewers, especially teens.

When asked if they thought they could be YouTube stars, 56 percent of 13-year-old participants believed they could. Not far behind, 55 percent of participants ages 14 to 17 and 51 percent ages 18 to 24 thought they could do the same.

How many believed they could become television or movie stars? The numbers decreased to an average of 40 percent.

By being relatable and establishing relationships with viewers, YouTubers are creating a new kind of celebrity. And the rest of Hollywood is falling behind.


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