#1 Business Video Tip – Let Your Goals Drive Strategy [Creator’s Tip #107]

Want some great tips about your video campaigns? We caught up with CJ Bruce,  Managing Director of New Antics at  the ReelSEO Video  Marketing Summit and he gave us lots of tips for creating and managing your  online video  marketing strategy, whether that’s on YouTube or with content on your own  site. These tips work equally well if you are promoted either a product or a  service. Let’s hear what CJ has to say:

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Clear goals from the beginning will help you create the right type of video  content for your business and brand.

1. CJ’s top video marketing tip is to  think about your strategy. Identify your goals BEFORE  you start making video content so you are clear about what you want to achieve  whether that’s lead or traffic generation to your website or more subscribers to  your YouTube channel.

2. If you are clear about your goals from the very  beginning, creating, publishing and distributing the right video  content will be easier for everyone involved in the process.

3. Video views may seem like a good initial target but think  about your sales and marketing goals and whether high views but low conversion  in terms of sales or signs up is really what you want.

4. Clear Calls To Action are absolutely vital. Be very clear  about what you want your viewer to do while they are either watching the video  or immediately after. Do you want them to visit your website? Tell them that and  guide them with a clear link to the page you want them to visit. Do you want  them to subscribe to your channel? Make it easy for them to do that with an  annotation. Want to encourage sales? Then offer a coupon code directly in the  video.

5. Think about the audience that you are targeting and what your  business goals are. Create content that fits that strategy.

We’d like to thank CJ for taking the time to give us his advice about  marketing strategy. Let us know if the comments below if you have some tips and  best practices of your own and how they’ve worked for you. Don’t forget that you  can catch up with all the videos from the 2013 ReelSEO Marketing Summit from this  playlist.



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