In this digital era, every business is trying to promote to the fullest, and there is no better place to promote globally than the Internet. With constant innovations in marketing methods, individuals and companies have converged together on video marketing. Videos are the customizable way of sharing loads of information that is easily digestible.

Catching on to the video watching trends, digital marketing consultants and brands have quickly moved towards video marketing and are reaping amazing results in the form of increased popularity, viral content and increased public engagement.

Forms of Video Marketing

Video marketing changes its forms based on the length of the videos [Source] used to promote the services. There are three main video forms-

  • Micro videos

The main aim of micro video promotion is to create brand awareness. Since the videos are small (10-20 seconds long), companies use attractive visuals, relatable concepts and a touch of humour to gain attention and establish a brand presence in the viewer brains.

  • Short videos

These videos are relatively longer sitting at 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. Short videos are snappy enough to attract audiences and keep them engaged. Since the length is usually around 1 minute, there is a chance to perform brief storytelling. The main aim of short videos is audience engagement.

  • Long videos

There are only a few companies who really understand how to deliver long videos keeping them interesting throughout. Long videos may last any time between 2 to 10 minutes. These videos give a great opportunity for detailed storytelling. With increasing intellectuality among viewers, they are gaining popularity in content promotion.

10 brands using long-form videos effectively

  • Nike

This sports giant has special proficiency in storytelling through short films and long videos. Their main video strategy is to stimulate emotions in viewers. Nike post videos about aspiring athletes in backward areas and struggling young sports persons. These motivational videos go viral in a blink and bring a lot of engagements. Nike often rolls out videos with famous athletes showing their skills and promoting a product simultaneously.

  • Amazon

Amazon is the biggest internet retailer and well known around the world. Even with huge popularity, Amazon is highly active in promotional activities on Instagram and Facebook. When Amazon launched its streaming service, it went berserk in the promotion. The main tool was short and long form videos. These videos were creative and based on geographical trends. Thanks to these videos, their streaming service is a huge global success today. Amazon extensively uses these long form videos in promoting big sale days.

  • MuscleBlaze

Being an Indian health brand selling protein and carbohydrate supplements, MuscleBlaze has made it big with their price discounts and social media promotions. They launched campaigns showcasing stories of athletes through long videos on Facebook and YouTube. These long form videos were highly motivational and got viral quickly among the gym freaks and health conscious community. They are rolling out such promotional videos constantly and have emerged as the most recognized supplement brand mainly because of this long video marketing.

  • Red Bull

Red bull video commercials are famous for the production level and the visuals. Red Bull decided to focus on extreme sports, and now it rolls out constant videos with amazing cinematography, breath-taking adventure scenes and a small promotion at the end. Their tag line “Red Bull gives you wings” became trendy thanks to these awesome videos they made. Their commercials are even watched for entertainment purposes.

  • NASA

Though it is not a business company, NASA has emerged as a space brand. NASA keeps their followers entertained with their short and long form videos about different space happenings. They post videos showing breath-taking views of far galaxies. They even stream live earth view from space just for educational and amusement purposes. Though NASA does not need to promote themselves, they are still using video marketing better than most of the big brands out there.

  • Airbnb

Airbnb started as a unique idea which needed a lot of promotion. People were resistant to renting their homes online. They depended on the video marketing and focused on making videos showing community harmony and togetherness. Their social take towards long video marketing worked successfully and they are continuing with similar video campaigns.

  • Taco Bell

Taco Bell is an experienced player in the video marketing field. They have always been creative with their video campaigns. They frequently post recipes and food hacks videos on Facebook and YouTube, which are viewed by millions and shared widely. The main reason is their humor. Their videos are based on current trends and always have natural non-offensive humour attached. Taco Bell has mastered the art of long form video marketing.

  • Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has been creative in its promotional campaigns right from the start. With constant promotion rivalries with Pepsi, the world witnessed the wittiest and humorous promotions from Coca-Cola. When Coca-Cola entered the video marketing, they began making feel good, nostalgic, and emotionally connecting videos. They have maintained this same strategy today with their long form videos. Their video marketing has always been exceptional. They delivered a lot of heart touching long videos that brought in a lot of publicity.

  • BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is a news and entertainment company generating revenues from huge engagements on posts and videos. BuzzFeed is an expert in creating creative and addictive long videos about any topic they are thrown at. With a huge creative team spread across the globe, their whole functioning revolves around creating long and interesting videos. They are among the best users of long form videos for direct revenue generation as well as for promotional activities.

  • Dollar shave club

They have set new standards for video creativity. When they started, they aimed to make their use and throw razors popular. They based their long videos on a humorous side throughout their campaigns, throwing jibes at the reusable razors. Their videos were like all over the world for wit and humour. The viral videos got them a huge customer base in no time.


Lorenzo Gutierrez worked as a marketing specialist at a Silicon Valley Biotechnology Company for nearly 2 years. In that time, he was able to refine his skills in content marketing, SEO and PPC management at a high level with daily ad spend in excess of $1k. Now Lorenzo runs a digital agency and writes content on digital marketing. Connect with Lorenzo on his social media accounts LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.


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