10 Indian Millionaires Who Chose YouTube as a Career!

10 Indian Millionaires Who Chose YouTube as a Career!

Phew…at last it’s here! The most awaited list of Top 10 Millionaire –YouTubers in India.

Acknowledging, the YouTube culture to be still in, nascent stages of evolution , there’s no denying the fact that despite the dismissive stats pointing to no significant Indian YouTubers globally, these upcoming YouTubers are churning their own YouTube destinies with elan or shall we say with entertaining content.

Presenting to you, these dynamic individuals who belong to a diversified pool of content in entertainment and non -entertainment who are doing something ‘right’ to gain an impressive traction of subscribers and views respectively. We sieved through many Indian YouTube channels and content collectives to narrow down to the prime player/s
Nisha Madhulika

A welcome departure from the anglicized accents and modular kitchens of urbanites bringing the vibrancy of ‘Ghar ka Khaana’ (home-made food) to the monotonous appetite of people tired of continentals or non-vegetarian, craving simple Indian food. The channel, by Nisha Madhulika refreshingly dishes out famous vegetarian food from different regions and the episodes come with English sub-titles to cover the non-hindi speaking belt. Though Sanjeev Kapoor, figures before her when it comes to being a top contender for food presentations , he’s not a indigenous YouTube star like her.


All you gizmos and gadgets freak, GeekyRanjit is a name which needs no introduction but for the uninitiated, he’s the one YouTuber in India who’s word comes to being a holy-grail when it comes to cell-phones, giving you honest ‘unbiased’ reviews about the latest technology to hit the market; like cellphones, tabs, phablets. Right from the unboxing to the details regarding pros and cons of the product his medium of communication in videos is English and enunciates clearly. He’s known to conduct live Q&A and has his own channel trailer. Way to go GeekyRanjit and meanwhile all you geeks out there, check him out here:

Tanmay Bhat of AIB

Tanmay Bhat is a name independent of AIB and before this ‘bomb’ exploded (pun intended) on the YouTube circuit, very few know that he had been writing screenplays for Filmfare Awards and TV shows like ‘oye it’s Friday’ and channels alike ; Mtv and Channel V. He started out young, as a blogger and later co-founded AIB with GurSimran Khamba. He also works with VirDas in Weirdass Comedy Company. His rise to fame through AIBKnockout has been phenomenol.

Vikram Yadav

On first look one wouldn’t believe this simpleton who’s a doctor, imparting medical and surgery related information .He also uploads videos of the operations or surgeries performed very much to the delight of medical students thereby helping them with the practicals. He also talks about health issues in life and their treatments. He maintains a healthy subscribers base of over a lakh.

Sanjay Thumma

Sanjay is synonymous with cooking lip smacking and fun Indian delicacies every week and his YouTube channel has an impressive subscriber base of 4,00,000.Being popular, he gets to endorse different kitchen appliances and one such product is Philips air fryer, the series being ‘Philips Super Chef’. Mostly doing away with the easily available ingredients in the kitchen, the recipes win hands down, in being simple and easy to cook. ‘Dabba Biryani’ and chicken 65 are one of the favourites. It’s interesting to note that all his videos are shot produced and edited by his wife Rajni.
Arunabh Kumar of TVF

An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, on a number of occasions has shared snippets of his childhood of growing with a stringent father who was anti-movie to have discovered his love for arts and creativity through the dramatic society of Kharagpur. He is a hit when it comes to entertainment in the New Media Network as the 2nd biggest company to do that.

Kanan Gill of Pretentious Movie Review fame

Thinking of himself to be ‘slightly popular’ and ‘creatively inclined’ he was rather, short and fat as a child and started cooking stories just to be acknowledged as another cool dude in school‘ and from there, his ever long affair with verbal diarhoea started !
Pretentious Movie Review was borne out of a sheer necessity to critically analyse, Bollywood formula films and to trash it, on the fundamentals of editing, composition and something very important STORYYYYYYYYYY! This Guy is going great guns in the YouTube ecosystem.

Shruti Arjun Anand

With a plethora of glamourous DIY hair and make up do’s and fixes this one stands out from the crowd because it is exclusively for Indian skin tones . Its USP lies in the fact that there are certain small segments within her channel devoted exclusively to outfit for the day and henna-designs, hair, make up tutorials with decently edited videos

Harpal Singh

Chef Harpal Singh goes by the ever smiling signature as a happy and smiling ‘Singh’. He uses decent animations with good voiceover to recap the method of preparations for his food. His mouth savory lip-smacking food is all mixed with ‘punjabi –tadka’. Unlike Nisha Madulika’s cooking, he is very much into non-veg fooda swell with an impressive subscriber base

Scherezade Shroff

‘Hi guys’ with a aplomb, our wild card entry Scherezade is sugar, spice and everything nice helping young girls with hair, make –up tutorials with certain other segments branching out like Tag and 3 minute make-up channel. She has a tie-up with various brands.

In order to promote, fresher talents we’ve seeded out celebrity YouTubers and focussed on people who have organically risen to stardom via YouTube.




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