10 marvellous digital marketing stats of the week

10 marvellous digital marketing stats of the week

We’ve got some cracking stats for you this week, including news about Amazon’s marketing budget, Olympic advertising, AI funding and so much more.

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Without further ado!

Samsung wins 53% of online conversation in the run up to Rio

EntSight has revealed the most popular brands ahead of this year’s Olympic Games.

With 53% of online conversation, mainly in response to the release of the brand’s ‘World National Anthem’ video, Samsung have been the most-talked about.

In contrast, McDonald’s has been faring the worst with just 3% of online conversation. What’s more, it’s also received the most negative comments relating to its brand.

In other news, see the top 10 most-shared Olympic ads so far.

72% of consumers use video to inform purchases

A new study from Speedie Consultants has revealed that three-quarters of consumers use videos to help with online buying decisions.

72% of respondents said they would search for a video online, and of this figure, 23% of women would look on a company website rather than YouTube or Facebook, compared with just 6% of men.

For marketers, the demonstrates how video is an important medium across multiple channels.

Visits to subscription box websites rise by 3,000% in three years

Research from Shorr Packaging has revealed that subscription box ecommerce is booming.

As of March this year, there were 2,000 subscription box services in operation, and there have been 21.4m visits to subscription websites in 2016 so far.

With beauty and food the most popular categories, big name brands like Starbucks, Adidas and Macy’s are also launching their own services.

Funding for AI start-ups increased 302% year-on-year in 2014

Our latest report, Marketing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence highlights growing investment in AI-focused businesses.

In 2014, investors poured $309m into AI start-ups in more than 40 deals. This means that year-on-year, funding increased $302%.

With the likes of IBM creating a $100m venture fund to further its AI technology, IBM Watson, it’s clearly becoming a top priority for many technology companies.

One in five commercial emails fails to reach inboxes

A new report from Return Path has revealed that 21% of commercial emails hit spam folders or are diverted entirely.

In terms of countries, the UK and Australia were found to be the best at deliverability, averaging 90% and 88% respectively.

In contrast, the study showed that the US experiences below-average inbox placement, with just 73% of messages reaching subscribers.

70% of UK publishers view first-party data as critical

New research by AOL has highlighted various trends currently impacting the publishing industry.

In a survey of 600 key decision-makers, it found that 70% of UK publishers view first-party data as very important. Likewise, 91% confirmed they were using a data management platform to monitor and analyse campaigns.

Despite this, 56% were dissatisfied with current data analytical tools, citing consolidation of sales data as a key area for improvement.

Brits listen to 11m podcasts each month

According to research by the7stars, podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular medium in the UK.

Analysis from the media company found that 3.6m Brits have listened to a podcast during the past month, and that podcasts account for 7% of all audio listening’s weekly reach.

74% of people also find listening to podcasts a relaxing experience, with the majority partaking in the activity while at home.

Amazon spent $1.35bn on search in 2015

According to Fracti, Amazon spent most of its marketing dollars on search during the period of November 2014 to November 2015.

With $1.35bn being spent on search compared to just $54m on print, it is a clear focus for the ecommerce giant.

Out of other retailers studied, Apple and Etsy prioritized search to a similar extent. Etsy also saw the highest ROI, with $1,600 in sales for every $1 spent on marketing.

22% of flight bookings occur on a Monday

Yieldr have delved into data to discover the booking habits of travellers online.

The company discovered that Mondays and Fridays are the most popular days for booking flights, and weekends are unsurprisingly the least.

With 22% of bookings being made at the beginning of the working week, and 11am to 12pm being the sweet spot, this behaviour can be put down to the Monday blues.

Digital-savvy consumers are most at-risk of ID theft

Experian has revealed that 23% of ID-theft victims in 2015 were people who regularly spend time on social media and mobile devices.

This figure goes against the notion that tech-savvy consumers are more likely to implement effective safeguards.

With fraud costing the UK economy a whopping £200bn a year, insight suggests that business-owners need to better target the most at-risk customers with relevant help and advice.


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