10 of the best viral proposal videos of all time

10 of the best viral proposal videos of all time

Along with cute cats and elaborate flash mobs, there’s almost nothing the Internet loves more than a tear-jerking proposal video on YouTube. The past few years have seen an influx of such videos, uploaded by ecstatic, newly engaged couples eager to share their engagement story with the world, one viral hit at a time.

From inventive schemes to heartfelt stories, below are a few of our favorite viral video proposals of the past five years. Warning: You may want to have tissues handy before hitting play.

She said yes: The best viral engagement stories caught on video

Asking someone to spend the rest of his or her life with you is a palm-sweat-inducing task. These proposals go above and beyond the typical candlelit dinner.

  1. Best date night surprise
    Matt Still took dinner and a movie to a whole new level with this proposal set-up. Still orchestrated the plan with a little help from his future fiancée’s brother, who brought Still’s girlfriend Ginny to the movies for what she thought was going to be a typical Saturday night show. As the movie trailers started to roll that epic night, she got the surprise of her life.

    Be sure to keep an eye on Ginny’s reaction in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

  2. Most magical proposal
    Sean’s girlfriend Andrea was just humoring him as he practiced his hobby: Performing magic tricks. This particular trick ended not with a bang, but with a pop: Popping the question, that is.

    “I want to try an experiment with the natural elements,” Sean says slyly at the start of the trick. “Normally I like to get a rock in there.”

    Watch the video to see the full proposal story and Andrea’s overjoyed response.

  3. Best epic-scale proposal
    Sometimes, a romantic cityscape is the perfect way to set the mood. In this cleverly orchestrated proposal, one young man enlists the help of some unknown accomplices to ensure his girlfriend gets a glimpse of a skyscraper she’ll never forget.

    Needless to say, this is one light show Lisa will remember forever.

  4. Most impressive planning: Planning the perfect proposal can be time-consuming, and nobody knows this better than Dean, the young man behind one of 2015’s most successful viral proposal videos. Dean took a full year to plan his proposal to his girlfriend, Jennifer, who got the surprise of her life on her birthday while vacationing in Aruba. This is some home video footage that you’ll actually want to watch.

    There aren’t many words for this one; it’s worth the 15-minute watch from start to finish.

  5. Best Paris proposal : When this soon-to-be-bride learned at the airport that the vacation she and her boyfriend had been planning for months was going to be in Paris — and not in NYC as she’d been led to believe — she thought she’d been dealt the surprise of her life. Little did she know that there were a lot larger surprises in store.

    This charming proposal involves some white lies — but all for a good cause. This lucky girl doesn’t seem to mind the deception.

  6. Best game night proposal: When you’re one of the Chicago Luvabulls, the performers who accompany the Chicago Bulls as they shoot hoops around the country, you’re accustomed to proposals during half time. Generally, though, they’re not directed at you! This is one number that will go down in Bulls history for all the right reasons.

    This one is the definition of a team effort.

  7. Most co-ordinated proposal: Wakeboarding is hard enough without getting down on one knee, but this young man masters the most nail-biting trick yet.

    You’ll want to watch until the end, as this is one impressive feat.

  8. Best celebrity cameo: Who knows how this guy got the connections necessary to make this video happen, but he enlisted the help of a big name celebrity to ask his girlfriend to marry him — and invited her family and many of their loved ones to participate to boot.

    Kudos to this guy for not only asking for dad’s permission, but clearly the couple’s entire entourage.

  9. Most artistic proposal: Some street art can be an eyesore, but this message of love is more than endearing. The amazing time-lapse video is a wonderful show of creativity, too.

    The writing is on the wall: She said yes with a huge smile on her face.

  10. Best themed proposal: For the hardcore Harry Potter fan, this is a proposal dream made at Hogwarts. This man led his girlfriend on a truly magical, Potter-themed engagement scavenger hunt that involved its fair share of riddles. Ron and Hermione ain’t got nothin’ on this couple.

    Watch the full video; it’ll have you spellbound.

What’s the most memorable proposal story you’ve seen online? Tell us in the comments.


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