10 Reasons Facebook Video Marketing Is Valuable for Business

10 Reasons Facebook Video Marketing Is Valuable for Business

I interviewed Michael Stelzner, social media expert and host of Facebook Success Summit 2010 taking place live and online Oct 5 – Oct 26, about the increasing power for businesses to do video in Facebook.  Michael also shared some exclusive Facebook video tactics and business success stories. We entertain the question: Could video in Facebook eventually become more powerful than YouTube for it’s business value? How does Facebook’s video social media optimization (SMO) value compare to YouTube’s SEO value? Listen to my podcast interview and read on… [powerpress]

10 Reasons To Do Video Marketing On Facebook

Here’s 10 reasons you should definitely consider Facebook as part of your online marketing mix

  1. Audience – Facebook is the 2nd largest trafficked website, with over 500 million active users. 
  2. Referrals – Facebook is the 2nd largest referral source for video.
  3. Mobile – 150 million active users take Facebook with them everywhere they go.
  4. Time – Many people spend a lot more time on Facebook than on Google
  5. Versatility – Many video formats are supported for uploading
  6. Length – Facebook allows up to 20 minutes, 5 minutes more than YouTube
  7. Connectivity – A wide range of sharing features and engagement opportunities. While Facebook doesn’t let you share it’s content onto other social networks (like YouTube and Twitter), because of its large member base, you will certainly have many more connections from the onset that may lead to better sharing potential.
  8. Search Engine Visibility – Facebook videos are visible within Google Search.
  9. SMO (Social Media Optimization) – Excellent keyword encoding (aka, “tagging”) capabilities.
  10. Conversions – Hot triggers around the video for taking an intended action.

Facebook Value Vs. YouTube – Our Verdict?

If you’re only going by video alone, we could probably mention 50 reasons why YouTube is a more robust and valuable platform for video than Facebook. However, as an overall marketing platform, Facebook is arguably more valuable than YouTube for many businesses. So while we would not treat Facebook video as an equivalent business value to YouTube – we completely agree that it should be a place for businesses to upload videos. At ReelSEO, we try to upload all of ours because they do show in search engine listings.

Video Marketing In Facebook – Better Business Opportunity?

Michael Stelzner, founder of SocialMediaExaminer.com explains the power of Facebook.

Grant: Mike, what is the importance today of doing video in Facebook for business purposes?

Mike: Well, there’s a lot of value to Facebook. One of the things that most people don’t realize is how much time people spend on Facebook. According to the traffic ranking information service Alexa, Facebook is the second largest website in the world, with over 500 million active users; also, Facebook is the 2nd largest referral source for online video – just behind Google.

If you think about it, people today spend a lot more time on Facebook than they do on Google. Some of the Nielsen studies I’ve seen show that people are spending an average of seven hours a month on Facebook; that’s a lot of time spent.

Also, According to recent findings by market researcher MorpaceU.S. Facebook users are on the site for 1 of every 3 minutes of time spent online. Users 18 to 34 years old spend the most time on the site per week (8.5 hours out of 22.4 spent online). Users 55 and older spend an average of 4.6 hours per week on Facebook.

Grant: I would say there’s now a lot of people on Facebook for longer than that – try 7 or more hours per day!

Mike: Well I know sometimes I feel that way. So if you think about the fact that people are on there that much, it opens up an incredible opportunity for a business to try to get in front of these 500 million active users; and what’s even more exciting is that about 150 million of them take Facebook with them everywhere they go – on a mobile device like an iPhone, iPad, or an Android device.

Grant: So explain how businesses are benefitting from doing video on Facebook.

Mike: First, we’ve already established Facebook is one of the top sources for consumed video (and photography as well). We also know that many people on Facebook are constantly checking out what’s going on with their favorite friends, and also their favorite brands. This represents a huge opportunity to capture eye-share with videos in particular on Facebook. One of the hottest ways to just get your business noticed today is to use Facebook, and of course to leverage video marketing in there as well.

Grant: As someone who’s been heavily involved with Facebook – in research, development, training – what do you find are some of the more important observations and discussion areas with doing video in Facebook, including the up’s and downs’?

Recording Video Directly In Facebook – Good Or Bad?

Mike: The first thing is how video is integrated directly into the interface of Facebook. When you put in an update on Facebook, there’s an option to click to record a video. The downside of it is most people don’t use it, and those who have used it have had kind of a mixed response. Facebook can capture the video directly from your computer’s webcam, but doing that results in very poor technical quality; somehow they’re running the video through algorithms that makes it look just hideous. But the upside is it does allow people to record spontaneous video responses to comments on Facebook, and that’s kind of an exciting thing.

Linking YouTube Videos In Facebook Vs. Uploading

Mike: The other confusing thing about video with Facebook is whether or not to use YouTube links or whether or not to actually upload video directly into Facebook. Facebook has done something kind of interesting: If you go ahead and embed a link to YouTube, it will embed the player directly into the Facebook feed. Somebody can actually watch that video through Facebook, force-fed from YouTube just like if you were putting it up on a blog.

But the more powerful aspect is actually uploading the video directly to Facebook. Facebook has the ability to support a lot more formats and has a lot longer formats where YouTube is I think it’s now up to about 15 minutes, Facebook can go significantly longer. (20 minutes.)

The other cool thing about Facebook video is that people can easily share Facebook videos, where they cannot easily share YouTube videos. And in Facebook, others can not only comment on a video, they can also “like” a video (which will then show up in their own Wall page, aka Facebook home page), and can tag a video with their own keywords; and there’s a lot of other cool stuff.

Embedding Video In Your Facebook Page – “Secret Sauce”

Example of Facebook’s “Like” sharing tag for Wall videos

Mike: Here’s another powerful Facebook business strategy with video. Let’s say you have a business with a Facebook “fan” page, with a video uploaded to that page. Now, someone on Facebook – who is not yet one of your fans – can still watch that video’ and if they hover their mouse over the video there’s a button that says “like”, and they can become a fan of your Facebook page, just by clicking that button inline while they’re watching the video. It’s kind of the secret sauce to gaining fans. Intel corporation does this quite a bit on it’s own Facebook site. It’s really a very easy way to gain fans because if they really like a video, they can click on it; and they think they’re just liking the video, but they actually now become fans of your fan page, and that future engagement opportunity is there.

Tagging Videos In Facebook – SMO “Social Media Optimization”

Grant: When I last checked, Google has indexed 1.37 billion Facebook pages, and over 11 thousand Facebook videos. Do you know of any instances where just a video on a Facebook page can be optimized to show up in a default (i.e., blended, universal) Google search result?

Mike: that’s a really good question and honestly I’m not sure about whether or not that’s the case, about the search engine side of things. The good news about Facebook video is you do have a lot of encoding keyword encoding capabilities, just like you do with YouTube. When you have a video with other people in it, if you’re friends with them you can tag them just like you can do with a photograph. Most people don’t realize that in the videos on Facebook, you can tag people in the videos as keywords, and add your own keywords.

Grant: Tagging actual people in a video, that you’re connected to in some way, can add a new level to Video SEO. It’s like image recognition with the social network rather than computers. It’s also a feature YouTube doesn’t yet have.

Mike: And what’s really cool about that is when you do tag someone in your video, then that video actually shows up on their wall for their friends. And it’s not just for videos of people. I believe you can also tag videos of businesses as well, which is another powerful thing.

Powerful Facebook Video Marketing Tip: Video Landing Pages

Mike: I have another Facebook video tip: If you have a Facebook page you can set up what’s called a landing page on Facebook. What I’ve seen a lot of businesses do is record a welcome video, where it’s usually a talking head of the company welcoming them to the actual fan page, and sometimes pointing up and saying, “if you like our page please click the like button.” So the Facebook landing page is actually encouraging the viewer to act through the spoken talking heads in the video telling them what to do.

We do that on our own Facebook page at Social Media Examiner; we have a video embedded on our “Welcome” tab. We found the engagement and conversion to be very, very high because you’re actually telling people what to do in video. That’s a little but powerful tip with video on Facebook, that most people don’t realize you can do.

About the 2010 Facebook Success Summit

Grant: You’ve billed your Summit as “the Web’s largest online Facebook marketing conference.” Can you explain to our audience what this is about?

Mike: Well, it’s a lot like Comdex except it’s 100% online. We have 22 of the world’s top experts in Facebook marketing presenting 16 sessions. But instead of just having everything packed into just 3 days, we’ve spread it out over four weeks.

Grant: That makes it feel more like a training series than a short conference.

Mike: The way it works is similar to a webinar: you dial in, and you get to hear and see the PowerPoint slides just like they would if they were physically in the room. When attendees want to talk to the presenters, they can dial a separate 800 number, and they’re brought on the line just like a radio talk show; and they talk to the presenter, live! We basically put the networking component online as well, so we have linked privately some groups where people can network with each other (both while the conference is going on live, and before and after). So it has all of the components that you would expect to experience at a traditional summit or traditional conference.

At the one we did this summer, we had 2,500 businesses from all over the world attending. These were very small businesses to some of the largest companies in the world – like Kellogg’s and Walt Disney and a number of other very large companies. It really is great because you don’t have the expense of getting on the airplane, you don’t have to buy a hotel, rental car, none of that kind of stuff. It’s all done on your schedule, and if you miss anything live we provide recordings and transcripts as well.

Grant: Tell us about some of the speakers and sessions you have lined up for the 2010 Facebook Success Summit conference.

Mike: our speaker lineup includes five different authors that wrote Facebook marketing books. We also have actual practitioners of fan pages from huge corporations like Intel Corporation, The Washington Redskins, Cisco, SAP and a number of others But it’s actually 22 different presenters. Some of the people you may be familiar with are Brian Solis who wrote the book “Engage,” Mari Smith who wrote the book “Facebook Marketing on an Hour a Day,”  Jesse Stay who wrote “I’m on Facebook Now What,” and Justin Smith who founded the very first website who covers Facebook for business called insidefacebook.com. It’s just a huge slew of other businesses that are coming together to present on literally everything from how to get started with Facebook, to how to implement business strategies, to how to engage people on your wall, to how to actually make sure your stuff shows up in the live feeds which is kind of a science in its own right that’s akin to search engine optimization, they call it news feed optimization. It’s just a whole slew of topics from the really largest group that’s ever come together on this. We’ve already got 1,000 signed up.

Grant: Do you know if this is the first type of conference of it’s kind?

Mike: What I think is really cool is there have been Twitter conferences all over the place but there’s never really been a big Facebook conference – this is the first of its kind.

Reasons To Catch The Facebook Success Summit 2010

  • Special registration offer: 50% off until September 16th, 2010 at midnight Pacific time. (Normal price is $597. Discount rate is $297!)
  • Billed as “The Web’s largest online Facebook marketing conference”
  • Taught by 22 of the leading Facebook experts – authors, marketers, developers, and business leaders – teaching the latest techniques and business-building tactics in Facebook with real-life examples
  • 16 sessions over 4 weeks
  • 100% online – with no travel expenses
  • Ability to ask questions live, and participate in social network groups live
  • Archive of all presentations – audio recordings, Powerpoint PDF’s, and transcripts

Listen to our podcast interview to hear more about the Facebook Success Summit and the special conference rate.

Want More Facebook Video Marketing Data?

As always, stay tuned to ReelSEO as we plan to offer more insight into the subject.  You can also view any of our articles about Facebook here.  Here are some links from ReelSEO and from the Social media Examiner I recommend checking out as well:

Special thanks to Social Media Examiner for their sponsorship of ReelSEO’s upcoming coverage of Facebook Success Summit 2010.


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