10 Reasons Video Sells BIG July 11, 2013

10 Reasons Video Sells BIG July 11, 2013

These are some great tips when putting together any video for your business, and these are all guaranteed to help BIG TIME! If you can learn to incorporate these over time into your videos, you should expect a much higher return rate from your audience. Let’s look at these 10 reason that Video Sells BIG!

1.) The Hook

Don’t waste any time hooking the viewer hard. You have 8­-15 seconds to convince your viewer that the video they’re watching is useful to them.

Example: “I have a warning: if you’re the kind of person that (target market), your productivity is getting a beatdown!”

2.) What’s In It For Them?

Give your viewer a benefit RIGHT AWAY. Use your business as a method to help achieve a desired result.

Example: “I’m going to show you a free, online, use­anywhere application that uses visual rewards to boost your output dramatically.” (that’s a benefit they want)

3.) Give Them Value

You’re not selling to your viewers, you’re selling to the circumstance they are in! It’s not about who you’re selling to, it’s about understanding what circumstance they’re in that makes your product relevant to them. They are valuable, so put yourself in their situation to show them the value that your product/service offers.

Example: “If you work with a team, I’ll show you how this software brings people together to create the fastest precision output.”

4.) Marketing Proverb

Explain to people what it is that you are giving them. The marketing proverb states: “Tell people what you’re going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you just told them.”

Example: “I’m going to give you 3 secrets to building a better business. Here are the three secrets… #1 (say all)…Now these 3 secrets to buidling your business are unlike any other out there and will give you your desired results.”

5.) Show Them

Insert images that have associations with strong emotions that can be used with your product or service. When you insert these into your videos, you piggyback on your viewer’s previous experiences with the the objects in the images. (esp well know brands, etc.)

Example: Insert brand names and logos that carry weight in your viewer’s mind.

6.) The Why

It’s so simple, but it hardly gets done. People need a reason why something exists, why they should invest in it, why they should CARE! Or, at least a reason “why” before they make a decision. What is in it for them? (Review what you said in #2)

Example: “You need this because it will boost your financial situation dramatically.”

7.) Personal Perspective

Offer your own feelings, and do it boldly. There shouldn’t be anything wishy­washy about how you feel. People invest in people, give them your personal touch.

Example: “It was so easy that I decided to use it, and I have to tell you, it rocked. What I love about (product name) is…”

8.) The Ownership Experience

Give your viewer a test­drive. Help them imagine what it would be like to use your product in a real­world situation. Let them live vicariously through your experience without the “danger” of actually trying it. It warms them up, gives them confidence, and sparks ideas. At the same time, it shows them the benefits of the features of your product, while putting it into a context they can understand.

Example: document yourself using the product for something you do daily.

9.) The Recap-Marketing Proverb

Keep it short, to the point, and benefit­driven. Resist touting features, and instead highlight benefits. They got to see the features in the “ownership experience” segment, so now your job is to remind them of what the outcome of using your product will be. This is your fulfillment of the promise you made for them at the beginning of the video.

Secret: high­converting video marketing is all about making promises and fulfilling them. At the end of the day, intent doesn’t matter. What matters is the outcome the viewer will have if they take action.

Example: “I think this product is revolutionary, not only because of (benefit) but also because of (benefit). I used it to (desired outcome) and (desired outcome), and it worked brilliantly.”

10.) Call to Action

Own it. Tell people where to go and what to do. Provide additional text and imagery in the video to support what you are saying.

Example: Click this button and try it for free today, I’ll even throw in a free 1 year bonus if you click this button!

We’re all looking for results and positive outcomes, so remind your viewers what their big picture is and how YOU will help get them there.


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