10+1 Interactive Videos You Must Watch

10+1 Interactive Videos You Must Watch

10+1 Interactive Videos You Must Watch

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  • 10+1 Interactive Videos YOU MUST WATCH
  • Once upon a time, there was a magical place called TV where all ads and music videos would play and we watched with content. Just as DVDs replaced VHS as a more efficient means of watching films, and Netflix replaced DVDs to do the same, interactive videos are replacing static linear videos to give viewers the control. Where else could we relive a 21st century version of the choose-your- own-adventure books or simulate an immersive underwater experience that will leave you breathless? Some of the most enjoyable online videos are interactive — offering you a personalized audio-visual learning experience.
  • We’ve covered a selection of recent interactive videos from both businesses and creators, that incorporate game-play, quizzes and just pure entertainment for your viewing pleasure. Let these videos take you on a delightful interactive ride.
  • 10. Ellie Goulding – Lights Control the lights with this interactive music video Overview: Move your mouse to the beat. Control the lights, speed them up or slow them down to complement Ellie Goulding’s song and create a unique interactive experience. View here Features: ● Mouse controlled visual effects Case study
  • 9. Sortie En Mer by Guy Cotten An immersive interactive experience about the importance of wearing a life jacket Overview: In order to raise awareness for marine safety this interactive drowning simulator puts you in an immersive state of an underwater scenario. Start scrolling to stay afloat. View here Features: ● In-video interactive simulator Case study
  • 8. A hunter shoots a bear by Tipp-Ex More than 50 different hilarious endings to choose from Overview: To shoot or not to shoot? Choose-your-path to find out the bear’s and shooter’s destiny. Make the adventure your own by filling in a unique title. View here Features: ● Choose-Your-Own-Adventure ● Video linking ● Social Sharing Case study
  • 7. Holiday Open Day by TUI Travel Choose your own dream holiday Overview: The choices you make throughout the interactive travel video will lead you to your dream destination. View here Features: ● Clickable hotspots Case study
  • 6. Pharell – Happy A 24/7 seamless interactive music video Overview: Jump between videos at different “hours” to experience unique dance scenes and moves to the Happy song by Pharell. View here Features: ● Parallel video linking
  • Overview: Enter and watch how your Facebook page is seamlessly integrated throughout this eerie video. View here 5. Take This Lollipop Facebook’s bone-chilling viral sensation Features: ● Social integration with Facebook Connect Case study
  • 4. Social Striptease by Vicomte A Interact with models by taking their clothes off Overview: This shoppable video allows viewers to click on the garments they would like to remove from the models and share it with their friends on Facebook. View here Features: ● Video hotspots ● Choose-your-own-adventure Case study
  • 3. The Trip The story of a man behind the biggest hoax of the 20th century. Overview: The Kissinger Twins and Unit9 collaborated on this project combining a short cinema film, an online interactive film, a concept record album and a large scale photo series into one transmedia experience. View here Features: ● Video linking Case study
  • 2. Everywhere by Bridgestone A user-driven road trip Overview: A choose-your-own-adventure style story to create the road trip you have always dreamed of…not limited to tattooing your name on a beautiful dame. View Here Features: ● Clickable hotspots ● social sharing ● in-video games ● in-video content creation Case study
  • 1. Arcade Fire – Wilderness Downtown Interactive music interpretation with Chrome Experiments Overview: A unique interactive HTML5 music video from Arcade Fire directed by Chris Milk, placing the viewer into their own hometown through geolocation integration. View here Features: ● Google Map Integration ● Social integration ● Geolocation Case study
  • +1. 8-bit Olympics Winteractive Edition by Flikli Challenging your winter sports knowledge Overview: A colorful 8-bit winter sports animation enhanced with trivia created for the Winter Olympics 2013. View here Features: ● Video linking ● Video quiz ● Social sharing Case Study
  • We are here to make interactive video work for you! Get started today!


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