14 Simple But Powerful Video Marketing Tips for Your Vlog

14  Simple But Powerful Video Marketing Tips for Your Vlog       

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14 Simple But Powerful Video Marketing Tips for Your Vlog

Every video creator on YouTube would love more views and subscribers. For  many, it can be hard getting those first 1000+ channel views, but here’s the  good news: there are tons of ways to promote your YouTube videos. Listed below  are some of the most effective marketing methods. And we’ll begin with  optimizing your vlogs.

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, can help your vlogs and videos  be found, in the search engines and in YouTube search results. By implementing  the steps below, you can certainly help with the optimization of your videos.  Let’s take an example – let’s say you want your video to show up when someone  searches for “video editing tips”.

4 SEO Tips for Vlogs:

Video Title: Give your video a title that is appealing to  the visitor and includes the phrase you would want to show up for. In this case  you could use, “Top video editing tips for creating 3D Films”.

Video Description: Make full use of a description that  describes what your video is about. This is another great place to include the  phrase you want to rank for in search results. You do not want to go overboard  with phrases make the description look spammy. Keep it clean and implement your  phrase naturally.

Quality Backlinks: Linking to your YouTube videos from  different websites can help your videos in terms of SEO and can also bring more  views. Backlinks are like votes that are sent from one destination to another.  Search engines use these, “votes” to help decide where to place your  videos. Quality beats quantity. Only work on building links that are  relevant to your video and are from a quality source rather than tons of links  from low quality sites. In our example, a great backlink could be from a website  that focuses on video editing or video creation.

Encourage Social Media Shares: Social media is not only  a great way to build a following for your YouTube channel, but it can also help  build links. Every time people share your YouTube videos, they are helping by  creating a backlinks. Speaking of social media, let’s move onto our next  method!

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Vlogs:

Social media is a huge platform that you can use to promote your YouTube  videos. By building a following on different social media sites, you are  creating an effective outlet to share your videos on. It`s essential to build a  brand around your channel by using these sites:

Google Plus – YouTube gives you the option to connect your  Google plus account and YouTube channel. Make use of it! You can have your  latest videos show up in your Google Plus videos section.

Twitter – Tons of YouTubers are using Twitter to build a  following for their channels and it`s clearly working. Create a twitter account  dedicated to your YouTube channel and encourage your viewers to follow  you. You can end up having tons of people view your video with just a  single tweet that includes a link to your YouTube video.

Facebook – Building a fan page on Facebook is also a very  crucial step when it comes to social media marketing. Post and share great  content to help you get more likes. Encourage your viewers and followers to like  your Facebook fan page. Every time people share your posts on Facebook, it  helps expand the potential of different people seeing your posts and liking your  fan page.

Use hashtags to reach people who are currently not following  you on social media. For example, if you posted a YouTube video on tips for  vloggers, use the hashtag #VloggingTips. The great thing about Google Plus,  Twitter and Facebook is that they all allow hashtags! So be sure to use  relevant hashtags to help you reach more people who may be interested in your  videos.

#10 Create a Blog

By creating a blog, you are building a second home to your videos. A blog is  a great way to promote your videos because of “embed” feature made available by  YouTube. All you have to do is copy the code and paste it on your blog  post. By having your videos show up on your blog posts, anyone who is  reading them can end up viewing your videos as well. You can create a blog for  free by using Blogger, a free weblog publishing tool from Google.

Tip: Commenting on other blogs can lead to other bloggers visiting your blog  which can lead to them watching your videos! In other words, be sure to make use  of quality blog commenting.

#11 Create an Email List

An email list is a great way to build a list of people interested in your  YouTube videos. For example, you could send out an email every 7 days with the  top 3 videos on your channel from the past week. Every time someone opens your  email, you could end up getting 3 views! That means if you have 1000 people on  your list, you could potentially get 3000 views per email sent.

Be careful not to spam or send emails daily just for views because people  will unsubscribe if they get annoyed! You can use an email marketing service  such as Aweber to help you out with this process. For this to work effectively,  you mainly focus on encouraging your current YouTube subscribers and followers  to sign up for your email list.

3 More Tips for Vlogs

YouTube  Fan Finder: What if you could promote your channel with great  advertisement on YouTube at no cost? Well, thanks to YouTube`s self-funded  program, you can promote your channel for free using YouTube Fan Finder. All you  have to do is submit a self-made video to the Fan Finder program. This video  should be like a mini commercial at 30 – 60 seconds long promoting your channel.  If accepted it will be shown across different videos on YouTube through TrueView  ads (those ads before almost every video loads).

Join Forums: You can use forums for promotion by linking to  your YouTube channel in your forum signature. Use forums to help others out by  providing quality information. This leads to people trusting you more and being  interested in checking out your YouTube channel mentioned in your signature.

YouTube Commenting: Comment on other videos similar to your  channel to let other people know you’re out there. This does not mean to  repeatedly tell people to check out your channel! Leave some great feedback that  is encouraging on the video you are viewing and people who agree with you may be  interested in checking out your profile.

There a lot more ways to promote your YouTube videos, so be creative. The  same strategies don’t work for everyone. So be sure to try out and test these  different methods to help you decide what brings you the best marketing  results.

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