La Liga YouTube channel racks up 100MN plays


The Spanish national football competition La Liga continues to grow, creating a solid brand, and its YouTube channel has now exceeded 100 million plays since it launched over two years ago.

Gaining interest worldwide, La Liga has been strengthening its presence on social media during recent years with the aim of increasing its audience there as well as on linear pay-TV. YouTube has become the go-to place to watch match highlights, goals and interviews with coaches and players – content which was previously exclusive for pay-TV subscribers.

La Liga channel, operated by Mediapro, has registered 250 million minutes of video since September 2012. It has 560,000 regular subscribers and has gained 400,000 likes and 100,000 comments across the 13,000-plus videos it has accumulated over the years.

Mediapro’s strategy to exploit football rights in the international market has also driven the Catalan production house to sign a deal with Twitter to provide the social network with audiovisual content through @LaLiga, a deal which has been ongoing since April last year.

La Liga has been ranked the European national competition with the highest number of international followers thanks to the participation of football stars such as Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and the recently returned player to Atlético de Madrid, Fernando Torres. Football matches such as El Clásico are broadcast in over 100 countries and represent huge business for both Mediapro and its pay-TV partners.

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