15 Tools To Help You Create Online Graphics That Go Viral (even if you’re artistically challenged)

15 Tools To Help You Create Online Graphics That Go Viral (even if you’re artistically challenged)

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If you’re anything like me, you probably do not have a single creative bone in you when it comes to creating eye-catching graphics.

Oh, I appreciate fine art.

I am just not as gifted as people like Regina Anaejionu whose blog I’ve come to  enjoy mainly because of her super stellar graphics.

And so, again, if you’re like me, you are probably very grateful that creative geniuses like the people at Canva decided “Hey, we are going to make it easy for everyone to create beautiful graphics for their projects without purchasing Photoshop or paying some $$$ to do so”.

I know I am.

There is no reason or excuse for ugly graphics in the world ANYMORE. None whatsoever, my friend. And today, I am going to share 15 different tools you can use to create graphics that will knock people over with awe at your pure genius.

Let’s get to it.

(Note : All of these are hyperlinked except for number 7 below)

1 ) Svg-edit

I am in love with vector graphics. If you don’t know what those are, a good place to find a lot of them is on Udemy.com where a lot of the instructors use vector graphics as course icons. Vectors are clean, modern, fun and versatile. Using Svg-edit you can create your own without downloading any software. The interface for creating vectors with Svg-edit is really simple and the learning curve is not steep. The only disadvantage I see to using Svg-edit is that there is no direct URL. In fact, to write this post, I had to go into my browser history to get the exact URL. (P.S, if you do find a way to get to it directly, do leave me a comment below).

That aside, it’s a great tool for when you want to create your own vector graphics.

COST : Free

2) Stripemania

Need a striped background for your graphics ? You can go to Stripemania to do that. When you are doine choosing the colors and the size of stripes you want, you simply download it and use it for your designs.

COST : Free

3) PiktoChart

Create gorgeous infographics with PiktoChart. It is very easy to use and you do everything online and download it after you’re done. There are hundreds of free icons and beautifully drawn graphics you can use in your creations as well.

COST : There is a free trial (you don’t need to give them your credit card so you don’t have to be afraid of getting charged after your free trial is done. We’ve all been there. Nightmare.) and then it starts at $29 per month.

4) Hubspot

Hubspot is constantly giving stuff away. And it’s not just marketing stuff, which Hubspot is known for.

I have come to love Hubspot for the graphic creation tools they make available for absolutely free.

They have free eBook templates, sets of icons and royalty free stock images you can use for free . You can download each of these from there and use them whichever way you like.

COST : To download, you will need to enter you e-mail. Small price to pay for huge profits if you ask me.

5) Fatcow Free Icon Download

I’ve been using Fatcow for website hosting for about 2 years now and it is only recently that I discovered that they actually have over 30oo icon graphics you can download from your website for free.

Yes, I have included a link to this huge resource above. You’re welcome.

COST : Zilch.

6) Infogr.am

If you like data and creating charts and graphs, you will enjoy Infogr.am.

COST : Free

7) Microsoft Powerpoint

The day I found out I could use PowerPoint to create graphics and printables for my projects, I was ecstatic. Oh and did you know you can even create intros for your videos using PowerPoint ?

Oh the joys !

I will be creating a video on that very soon so watch out. I have not tried it, but I imagine that if you don’t have PowerPoint because you don’t have Windows Office, you could try using the presentation software that comes with freeware like OpenOffice or Kingsoft.

COST : If you’re using Windows Office,it will come as part of the pack. Or it will be free if you use the presentation maker in OpenOffice or Kingsoft.

8) 123rf.com

123rf.com is a stock photo site that you’d usually have to subscribe to. Everyday however, you can download some of their images (over 30,000 of them) for free. The free stuff does have an expiration date so it’s advisable to get them while you can.

COST : Free.

9) Visual.ly

Visual.ly is a great website to visit if you are short on inspiration for creating any type of graphic. It is a playground of sorts for very talented designers. You can peek in on their work as they share what they are doing and derive inspiration for your own work.

COST : Free. You will need an account.

10) Dafont.com

Need cool fonts for your designs ? You can go to Dafont.com to download some.

COST : Free

11) Pew Reaseach

You don’t want to be the person who creates charts and infographics with wrong data. To get accurate data and research that you can use in your charts and infographics, Pew Research is a great place to go. Gallup is another useful resource to find data and research. Data can defintely have it’s biases however, you are better off using these resources than simply typing your search into Google or Wikipeida.

COST : Free.

12) Photobucket

I’ve been using Photobucket for about a year now to store and host my images. There is a paid ad-free version. I don’t store so many photos there and so I use the free version which is riddled with SO MANY ads it is annoying. However, I am not going to complain about free. I can put up with it for a few minutes a week.

I also love Photobucket because when I write blog posts, I don’t insert images into the posts using the local Media Uploader. I instead copy the html that Photobucket generates for my picture and put that in my post instead. I find that the pictures load faster that way than if I uploaded them using the in-built WordPress media tool.

COST : Free. Paid version available.

13) Jpegmini

Speaking of large photos and how they can slow down website load times, you can minimize the size of your graphics without losing quality using when you use Jpegmini. ImageOptim is another useful tool that achieves the same result.

COST : Free

14) Easel.ly

Easel.ly is a new discovery of mine. It’s great for creating good-looking infographics as well. Extremely versatile too if you ask me.

COST : Free. $2 per month to upgrade to PRO which is a steal !

15)Sumo Paint

Last but not least, if you really want to be able to use a Photoshop-like application without having to worry about downloading anything, Sumo Paint is worth trying out. Sumopaint has this to say on their website :” Photoshopping in your browser. Sumo Paint is an online image editor, without need to install anything to your device. It’s the most versatile photo editor and painting application that works in a browser. You can open and save images from your hard drive or save it to cloud.”

Another useful alternative to Sumo Paint is Gimp. You can download Gimp to your local computer and use it offline.

COST : Free. $4 to upgrade to PRO.

And there you have it ! 15 reasons to create beautiful graphics for all your creations.

Is there anything I left out ? A tool you use that is not listed here ?  

P.S – If you enjoyed this post, I would really appreciate it if you could share it with your people. Like they say, “sharing is caring”. A little cheesy, but true :D !


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