18-34 Year-olds LOVE YouTube But Demand Much More From Brands

18-34 Year-olds LOVE YouTube But Demand Much More From Brands

18-34 year-olds are in love with YouTube. Well, that’s no big surprise, but it doesn’t mean that brands or video creators can throw any old content at them and expect them to watch it. That demographic is passionate, obsessive even, and is in control of its own viewing habits. So how do brands reach that audience and really engage with them? In the latest YouTube Insights report, the site gives creators a heads up when it comes to connecting with their target market. The big takeaway is that to be successful you have to understand how that age group treats online video content, because failure to do so could mean you fail to connect with a whole generation of consumers.

More U.S. Based 18-34 Year-olds Watch YouTube Than Cable

According to the latest Nielsen figures, more 18-34 year-olds watch YouTube more than any other cable network, including TBS, FX and Comedy Central.

Not only are they choosing YouTube over cable, they are choosing the site over other online broadcast providers like Hulu, and ESPN.

Why should this matter if you are pushing branded video content? Because that’s where your target market is and that’s where your target market chooses to hear and interact with you. If that age group is 4x more interested in watching a video ad on YouTube than any other platform then why wouldn’t you promote it on that platform?

How Can Brands Reach 18-34 Year-olds?

According to YouTube, the top 500 Brands active on the site grew their average monthly views by 70% in 2013. They did it by creating unique content that built excitement around their Trueview ad campaigns, like Mercedes Benz, or with multi-platform video advertising like Brand USA. A successful advertising or marketing campaign on YouTube has the potential to convert more highly than TV, particularly on beauty products, smartphones and cars.

If YouTube is the platform choice of video consumption choice for 18-34 year-olds then brands need to:

  • Engage with them on a consistent basis via their interests and passions. YouTube states that the target demographic are twice as likely to favor brands with this approach than a one-off video roll-out, even if that one-off goes viral.
  • Research what those interests are. If 18-34 year-olds choose YouTube as the medium to interact with brands then don’t blow that opportunity.
  • Mix and match organic and paid marketing. If that age group are 4x more interested in watching a video ad, then test whether that format works for you.

The full YouTube Insights report can be downloaded from here.


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