$2.50 Follow Focus Assist Solution!! Cheap Awesomeness!!

I’ve been trying to justify spending the money on a follow focus system, but considering that I would have to invest in the system itself, rails and what not, I’ve been trying to come up with a more affordable solution for the meantime…

Well, last night while in Bed, Bath & Beyond (shopping for a gift for my mom…) I happened across these little gems for …. (wait for it….) !! $2.50 !!


They are:

Washable ( you never know….)
Variety of colors
and did I mention cheap?

This fits all my lenses from my 20mm pancake to my Tamron 17-50 VC which is pretty darned thick!

The movement is silky smooth and the consistency of the rubber creates a very nice ease in/ease out for the focus pull itself.

Just thought I’d share….


BTW, shot this on my Canon HFS100. Really comes in handy for quick stuff like this!


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