2 Types of Video to Build Your Business

2 Types of Video to Build Your Business

Online video is exploding. It’s now the most popular online advertising format, beating out Facebook and Google Adwords. If you have anything to sell, promote or explain, you’d better be using video to help do it.

One type of video that small business owners have been doing for years is a basic video of them speaking. If you run a small business that offers some type of personal service, this personal touch type of video can be very effective.

On the other hand, if you’re not great on camera or your particular business doesn’t lend itself to this type of video, you’ve got other great video options. These two below have become both popular and effective with every type of business, product, service and organization.

Use Video to Build Your Business

Concept Videos

Also known as “big idea” videos, these short, creative videos are designed to captivate the viewer, convey a compelling message and leave the viewer with a desire to buy.

In essence, a great concept video is a great commercial.

A well done concept video should not only resonate with your prospect on an intellectual level, it needs to connect on an emotional level. Because studies have shown that it’s that emotional connection that makes the difference in a buying decision.

The goal of a concept video is to not only inform, but to convert your prospects into paying customers.

Explainer Videos

As the name suggests, “explainer” videos are designed to explain a product or service. They usually take the form of simple animated graphics that tell a story. It often involves a cartoon-like character and infographics. A “whiteboard” animation that simulates a hand quickly drawing on a whiteboard is another popular explainer video style.

Unlike a 30 or 15 second concept video, explainer videos usually average about 60 seconds.

Explainer videos have become very popular in the B2B arena because B2B products, in general, tend to be more esoteric. However, familiar products and services can also benefit from an explainer video. For example, while everyone knows what a dentist is, they may not know much about dental implants. An explainer video can explain what a dental implant is, why you might need one and how it’s done.

Smart business owners realize that even if they have the best product in the world, they won’t be successful if they don’t effectively excite and convince prospects. If done right these types of videos will help you do that.


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