20 Amazing Facts about Facebook Video Autoplay

20 Amazing Facts about Facebook Video Autoplay

1. Facebook platform had overlooked the YouTube with its interactions with videos during the end of the year 2014
2. More than 8 2 percent interactions were received by the Facebook platform in 2014
3. Facebook h ad also improved the video analytic tool by introducing a dedicated “Videos” tab which allows marketers to track views.
4. Autoplay video ads on Facebook was introduced in the year 2013
5. The autoplay videos play silently and can play full screen on clicking
6. Facebook had improved its Algorithm for newsfeed to track the right content for its users

7. The users cannot opt for the video ads and there is no force on user to watch the ads.
8. The auto play video ad include in the personal accounts and verified pages on the Facebook platform
9. The autoplay videos ads didn’t consume much mobile data plan
10. The data is consumed if and only if the video is played with a sound.
11. Less data will be consume d if the user just scrolled to the past autoplay videos
12. If the user was using the Wi-Fi connectivity then the videos can be played through Wi-Fi only otherwise it will not play
13. According to the survey reports, it was revealed that more than 90 percent people are watching the autoplay videos in U S
14. Users are watching at l east one video per day on Facebook platform
15. A study revealed that more than 6000 native video ads are uploaded on to the Facebook platform in one month
16. More than 34 percent of the active video pages have uploaded with only one video each
17. More than 28 percent pages are posted four videos per page
18. Brands will be on the top place if they have posted more than two videos on Facebook. They can be top on 35 percent of pages on Facebook
19. 100 videos are posted by 12 brands at an average
20. More than 58 percent views are recorded for the autoplay videos on Facebook


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