20 Facts about Instagram Video Ads

20 Facts about Instagram Video Ads

  1. Instagram has more than 300M monthly users across the web
  2. More than 71 percent people are using the Instagram outside the US
  3. Instagram was recently announced the long form video ads with 30 seconds video ads
  4. It was extended its 30 second video feature to the thirty countries, including India
  5. 71M photos are sharing across the Instagram platform per day as an average.
  6. The sponsored ads on Instagram was started from 2013 in United states
  7. The first ad on Instagram was posted by the Michael kors and he received more likes on the platform.
  8. The first ad reached more than 6.2m audience across the globe
  9. The first Instagram ad made the history by receiving more than 29999 followers
  10. Instagram sponsored posts were started from the September 2014
  11. Omnicom is the first agency that was signed a one year commitment and spent some 100m$
  12. The users on Instagram can share the images very easily
  13. The platform featured with the filters which are helpful to the users make their content look more professional using the filters
  14. The Instagram app allows the users to share their experiences in real-time.
  15. The Instagram app also allows the easiest way of social sharing on its platform
  16. The hashtag trend on the Instagram allows the usage of the captions and comments on the Instagram
  17. The app was grown to more than one billion dollars and acquired third position.
  18. The app has more than 81 million users
  19. The parent company of the Instagram, Facebook had introduced the Natural looking ads within the application
  20. The people can send the content privately by using the “Direct” messaging button.

Instagrams New Longer Video Ads

Instagram platform have announced the new video ads with extended length of video. Instagram is one of the most used platforms for the business and brands. Many brands have succeeded on Instagram. Previously, the platform used to allow the videos for 15 seconds only, but now, it was extended to 30 seconds video length. It is good news for the marketers as the chances of reaching the audience will be more with this latest improvement.

15 seconds of video length is very short and some startups also faced several problems in conveying their brand message in such a short time span on the platform. Many other platforms like Facebook were also allows the ads having 30 seconds video length. So, Instagram also make its step forward towards the change in video length. This new feature was going to start from this month and even the small advertisers can run the ads more efficiently than previous. The new video length feature can be available for thirty new countries and India is also included in the list. The reason behind its extension to different countries is because more than 69 percent Instagram users are outside the united states.

Along with the new longer video ads, the users can efficiently use the other tools like Swipe able video ads and shooting of the vertical and horizontal ads production. Instagram platform also have the call to action buttons within the platform and also allows shooting the horizontal as well as vertical video ads on the platform. So, it was expected that Instagram platform will definitely note an increased growth in future with its new decision on its features.


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