20 Facts and Figures about Mobile Programmatic Video

20 Facts and Figures about Mobile Programmatic Video

  1. From recent reports it was revealed that mobile video advertising had grown more than 198 percent comparing to previous year.
  2. Programmatic mobile video marketing was growing constantly in 2015 and more than 20 percent online advertisements were reported in US this year.
  3. The online display advertisements will expected to reach some 47 percent in US.
  4. Video ad revenue according to the compound growth annually was revealed as 20 percent which can be reached in 2016.
  5. More than three percent annual growth was reported in traditional online video advertising.
  6. Mobile phone technology usage and video watching rates are increased to 40 percent than previous year statistics.
  7. More than 1.14 billion dollars are the RTB spend in the year 2014.
  8. 25 percent of revenue in US was spending on the
  9. With the usage of programmatic video advertising using mobile providing a greater insight and comfort for the advertisers.
  10. Dating and home services were included in the top ten verticals in mobile programmatic video advertising.
  11. More than 72 percent marketers are going with the programmatic ad busying online.
  12. More than 289 trillion bytes of data was expected to be processing towards the programmatic marketing platforms.
  13. It was revealed that the programmatic marketing industry may cross 29.5 billions.
  14. The global mobile programmatic video ad spend was estimated to be 80 billions.
  15. The market for 2017 was projected and estimated to reach up to 40 billion more increase.
  16. Overall spending on the digital media in US was 40 percent and expected to grow further.
  17. Mobile video adverting is accounted a raise of 38 percent across the globe.
  18. Mobile programmatic video advertising has six times faster growth than any other advertising.
  19. It was expected that, mobile growth at average will raise up to 50 percent whine we reach 2016.
  20. Mobile video ad procedures were ranked fourth place in digital video advertising today.


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