20 Facts and Figures about Social Video

20 Facts and Figures about Social Video

  1. More than three billion people have their social media accounts on the web across different platforms.
  2. More than 1.8 active mobile internet users are operating their social accounts online via mobile.
  3. More than 72 percent of the traffic on the web was noticed from the mobile users.
  4. More than three quarters of the views from the video was come from outside of the YouTube platform.
  5. The ad spend had increased on social video as majority of the brands were got succeeded with the social video advertising.
  6. Facebook platform was receiving three hundred billion video views every day.
  7. Native Facebook video ads have great engagement from the audience.
  8. YouTube platform enhance the visibility and helps in better promotion of the.
  9. The algorithm recommends the content which can gives the preference to the video player.
  10. Above fifty percent video views on Facebook platform was reported to obtain via mobile devices.
  11. Nearly 302 hours of video content has been uploaded every minute on the YouTube platform.
  12. Video app usage have increased to 25 percent than the previous year.
  13. Nearly two billion video views per day was reported on Snapchat.
  14. It was noticed that nearly 60 percent smart phone users are using Snapchat video app.
  15. Different types of ads like preroll, true view and analytics are provided by the various social video platforms.
  16. Business were focused their marketing strategy with the shareable social video for their marketing promotions.
  17. Social video is not a viral video but, it earns great views and promotes success to the businesses.
  18. It is expected that nearly 70% millennial work force will be comprised on reaching 2030.
  19. One out of three millinnials were watching social videos on the web.
  20. Many social media platforms included the video on their platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc.


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