20 Facts & Figures about YouTube Kids App

20 Facts & Figures about YouTube Kids App

1. YouTube kids app is exclusively designed for the kids

2. The app is compatible with the iPhones and iPad

3. It is a kid friendly portal that provides best videos

4. The videos are created basing on the kids fairy tale imaginations

5. The content was dividing into four categories like Music, Learning, Shows and Explore

6. The videos also very helpful for kids to learn new facts and things

7. They can learn about the latest technology with many different shows like Reading Rainbow etc on the app.

8. The families can tune to the parental controls

9. The app was builted with a timer which can limit the kids in watching more and more.

10. The app get alerted the children about session completion

11. There is also an option to turn off the background music

12. With the option of turning off the sound effects which helps you to catch small breath while the kids are watching

13. There is option to turnoff search bar

14. The parents can limit the children by preselected videos appears on home screens

15. The product got many positive reviews as the features are well designed.

16. It is also compatible with the Android versions

17. This is the most comfortable app for kids and parents as well

18. Only relevant content can be displayed on the app

19. There is no hassle in using this app as the content is curate basing on kids friendly videos only

20. YouTube is going to expand its video library in future for this application.


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