20 Fascinating Facts About Periscope App

20 Fascinating Facts About Periscope App

20 Fascinating Facts about Periscope App

  1. Periscope is live streaming application which is purchased by Twitter
  2. Kavyvon Bacon and Joe Bernstein bears were the developers of creative periscope live streaming app
  3. Twitter purchased the Periscope with 100 million dollars
  4. The services of periscope is available on iOS system
  5. The video can be personalized basing on the privacy
  6. It allows the viewers to send appreciation in the form of hearts which symbolize the favorites
  7. The most loved video list is also displayed in the screen of mobile
  8. Soon it is going to become a marketing a weapon online
  9. The idea of periscope was started in 2013 summer
  10. It is also posted on timeline and have easy sharable options that can connect with the social media
  11. One can block the users on periscope and have basic control on the content
  12. Periscope was released as a rival to the Meerkat but both have several differences in working
  13. Twitter purchased the Periscope inorder to limit the speed of Meerkat app as it was turning all Twitter users towards the app and is growing like anything.
  14. On #periscope, we can only stream the video in a portrait mode, the horizontal mode will not get active
  15. Periscope need to be more perfect in controlling as sometimes the triple tapping may leads to removal of conversations or comments
  16. Stopping the broadcast by swiping is not that much comfortable and looks very odd
  17. Finding other user’s broadcasts is a bit difficult task on Periscope
  18. Linking the videos is also a bit confusion on Periscope app
  19. It is very comfortable if the periscope app was modified with feature which can ask the user to use front or rear camera while shooting the video live
  20. Broadcasts depending on the language must be separated for users comfort depending on location.


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