20 Netflix Streaming Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

20 Netflix Streaming Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Netflix is started in the year 1997.
  2. It started distribution of the content digitally since 1999.
  3. Netflix IPO year is 2002.
  4. According to 2015 statistics, it was revealed that, Netflix consists of more than 60 million subscribers in 2015.
  5. More than 42 million subscribers are noticed from the US itself.
  6. 11 billion hours time was spending on the Netflix every month.
  7. More than 60 percent users are watching shows on Netflix every week.
  8. Users between the age of 18-34 years are watching Netflix via mobile devices.
  9. More than 45 percent households subscribed to Netflix in US.
  10. More than 30 percent household in US had subscribed to Netflix comparing to Amazon, only10 percent users are subscribed.
  11. More than 27m Americans using the Netflix app.
  12. According to 2015 reports, it was revealed that more than 27 percent school graduates were watching Netflix number of times in a day.
  13. More than 89 percent of users on Netflix were engaged with the original content.
  14. About 50 percent millennials are using the Netflix in US.
  15. More than 37 percent US gen X are using the Netflix.
  16. 25 percent baby boomers were also watching the Netflix.
  17. Best ISPs connectivity to Netflix was in Netherlands.
  18. Netflix was using more than 100 to 149 terabytes space per server.
  19. People from more than 45 countries were subscribed with Netflix.
  20. It has two award nominations for academy awards in 2015


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