20 OTT Market Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

20 OTT Market Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Nearly 90 million people are using the OTT services in US
  2. It is expected that more than 289 million smart phone users will get increased by 2017
  3. The OTT communications had penetrated its reach to 50 percent during 2013 and expected to increase 67 percent by 2017
  4. The smart phone users are using the OTT services which was increased from 60 to 80 percent by 2017
  5. More than 12% was accounted to US in global smart phone OTT services users by 2017
  6. In the next three years, it is expected that US will be on the top place in OTT services
  7. China is the leader of OTT market in 2013China has more than 460 million OTT users in its country
  8. China, US, Brazil, India and Germany are in the top five positions in the OTT service usage.
  9. The total of 650 million OTT users are noticed from the top five markets in the countries.
  10. The north American market has raised to more than 20 percent in the OTT video streaming
  11. North America had reached to 10.8 billion in OTT during 2014 year
  12. The Video on demand services is expected to make more than half revenue from the services like Netflix
  13. The OTT revenue for 2019 is predicted to be get doubled revenue and it is expected to be around 17.8 billion
  14. Subscription based OTT had increased to 25 percent growth
  15. OTT content which was in the form of video ads accounts more than 34 percent in the revenue during 2014
  16. North American OTT users are spending some 28$ as an average on OTT services on 2014 and now it was increased more than 19 percent from previous years.
  17. The subscription revenues for OTT may be increased to more than 60 percent in the coming year
  18. The advertising revenue from the OTT services was noticed as 7 billion dollars
  19. It is expected that in the next five years, the OTT revenues may cross 65 million more.
  20. More than 50 million subscriptions are noticed from the OTT service providers like Netflix, Hulu etc.


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