Welcome to (or DIYP in short) is a placededicated to photography lovers. My deepest desire is to teach you how to take great pictures, and do so without breaking your bank account.

In the way to acheive that, we will discuss photography technique, share a ton of tips, and explore creative and cheap alternatives to expensive studio gear.

Who Am I?

My name is Udi Tirosh. I am a profesional photographer doing mostly family and portature sessions.

I started DIYP, back in the days where I was an amateur photographer, who needed studio equipment, but could not afford to buy the expensive, branded top quality studio gear that you can find on photo equipment stores.

So… I began looking for alternatives. I quickly learned that light is light. It behaves the same (or close enough) inside a $1,000 profoto softbox and inside a DIY softbox for $10. And so DIYP began.

DIYP started out as a blog with a collection of lighting modifiers. It soon expanded into everything gear, not neglecting our prime love for lighting.

We began exploring camera hacks, ways to mount your camera on fences, doors, and wel…. just about everything. We explored camera hacks like CHDK, memory cards. We discussed tips and tricks that enhance your gear, open creative options and help you finish th emonth without a hole in your pocket.

A note about copyrights:

I and the other contributors to the site have worked hard to provide you with the best articles we can. We spend time, money and resources to share this knowledge and to (sorry for the cheesy statement) help make the photography community better. Feel free to read and use the articles, but please, do not copy the content. The articles and pictures in are reserved to their makers, and copying the pictures/articles can cause them damage. If you find such infringement on the net, please contact me via the contact form, and let me know. (You can read all the legal stuff on terms of use, but really, this request sums it up in human language).

"Onde Quando e Como eu Quiser"

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