25+ most enlightening digital marketing stats from this week

25+ most enlightening digital marketing stats from this week

Welcome to our weekly round-up of the very best internet marketing stats from around the digital world.

When Bobby Brown sang ‘Two Can Play Stat Game’ back in 1994, his lyrics were met with nothing but bafflement. However looking back we now realise Brown was talking about the current relationship between myself (the stat-bearer) and you the reader (the stat-enjoyer).

He was a true thought-leader and clearly way ahead of his time. Also see ‘My Prerogative’ which is mainly about integrating social into your Customer Relationship Management system.

Retailers missing out on £6.6bn a year by not going mobile

The UK retail industry is sacrificing £6.6bn per year due to lack of investment into its mobile offering, according to new research by Centre for Retail Research (CRR) and VoucherCodes.co.uk

Other key highlights from the research include:

  • Despite retailers reporting their share of mobile sales almost doubled from 2013 to 2014, one fifth (17%) still have no mobile offering
  • Retailers recognise the importance of mobile retail, with 66% saying investment in mobile would help them drive growth and 88% believing they will get more visits in store
  • 73% of UK shoppers predict they will spend more on mobile this year, and 15% now use mobile as their primary shopping device
  • Almost half of consumers (40%) feel the mobile experience could be improved

Almost half of UK adults experienced problems with online orders in the last 12 months

YouGov surveyed more than 2,000 UK consumers and exposed some of the biggest issues they are experiencing with buying goods online.

Key findings include:

  • Almost half (47%) of consumers admitted to experiencing problems with online orders in the last 12 months.
  • 71% of respondents said that as a result of a poor shopping experience they would be likely to switch to an alternative retailer when next shopping for products online.
  • A significant number of UK adults (63%) said the ease of being able to return items factors into which retailers they shop online with.
  • Despite a lot of talk about same/next day delivery, only 18% of consumers said it was important to them. Convenience (50%) and cost (25%) were seen as more important.

Kids of the 80s and 90s are addicted to experimenting with online retail deliveries

According to MetaPack, consumers born in 1980s and children in 90s and noughties are “raving about online retailers who deliver convenience and choice.”

  • 93% of 25-34 year olds said they had a positive experience with lockers and would recommend them to friends and family.
  • 65% have used click and collect and 41% have picked up their delivery when grabbing a carton of milk and a paper at their local store.
  • Millennials may be more willing to try out delivery innovations like picking up their orders when commuting: 35% want the option to collect deliveries at their train station and a third want to trial delivery to their car boot.
  • 80% of Millennials want same day delivery.
  • 84% of Millennials said they’d name and shame retailers who screwed up a delivery and 69% would dump the retailer entirely for their next online purchase.

Only 23% of staff think marketers should take the lead On digital strategy

Omobono has revealed that notably few companies have an integrated digital strategy and that, surprisingly, even those that do are not turning to marketing to lead that process.

There is also a clear belief that an integrated approach to digital communications is hampered by the lack of a clear leader.

  • Marketing strongly believe they should take this role (88%), although other departments are less clear about who should.
  • Only 23% of other departments believe Marketing should lead for example.

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(Almost) non-marketing stat of the week

Caroline Davidson was paid just $35 in 1971 to create the Nike swoosh logo.

Nearly 75% of senior marketers are spending a proportion of their online video budget on programmatic

According to a new survey (registration needed) of 1,000 senior marketers by Unruly, three-quarters of senior marketers are expecting to shift more of their online video ad budget to programmatic over the next 12 months, while two-thirds of marketers say they have already transferred a portion of their TV ad budget to online video during the last year, illustrating the growing shift toward digital.

Unfortunately more than half of the marketers rated their programmatic video knowledge as “average”, “poor” or “very poor”.

Other business shifts include:

  • In the US, the top concerns for operating in the programmatic video sector include quality of inventory (20.8%), low levels of viewability (17.7%) and the skills gap and lack of internal expertise (15.8%)
  • In the UK, the top concerns are quality of inventory (17.8%), low levels of viewability (15.3%), the skills gap and lack of internal expertise (14.5%) and ad fraud – robots (14.3%)
  • Emotional/psychographic targeting is the most desired programmatic targeting capability among both and US and UK marketers, ahead of demographic, prospect-based and behavioral targeting

Discovering the right A/B testing formula

Formstack has created the following infographic to help you with your testing efforts, including such insight as:

  • The average survey contains 22 form fields (you should have less)
  • Larger images can lead to a 27% decrease in bounce rate and 36% increase in conversion

Liverpool And Arsenal top table For Premier League search visibility on Google

While Chelsea Football Club finished the season as 2014/15 English Premier League champions, new research by Searchmetrics reveals its website trails rivals when it comes to visibility in Google UK searches, finishing just fourth in the table for searches conducted on both computers and mobile phones.

Liverpool FC, which finished sixth in the League, is the most visible in searches conducted on computers, while Arsenal performs best in mobile phone searches.

Chelsea leads the way when it comes to visibility on social media networks.

Club, Desktop SEO Vis Score, League Position:

  1. Liverpool, 44,395, 6th place
  2. Arsenal, 44,075, 3rd place
  3. Manchester United, 41,465, 4th place
  4. Chelsea, 23,909, 1st place
  5. Tottenham Hotspur, 15,627, 5th place
  6. Manchester City, 13,690, 2nd place
  7. Crystal Palace, 3,351, 10th place
  8. Stoke City, 2,732, 9th place
  9. Southampton, 2,213, 7th place
  10. Swansea City, 1,295, 8th place

YouTube ad of the decade

The 2013 Turkish Airlines advert has been officially named the ad of the decade by YouTube. The Ad, featuring Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant in a selfie battle, has been viewed almost 141m times on YouTube.

Not ‘Ship My Pants’ then? Disappointing.

Non-marketing infographic of the week

Courtesy of Pei-Ying Lin uniquelang.peiyinglin.net this mind-bogglingly complex infographic explores 19 genuine emotional feelings that have no English words.

“A form of encouragement as if you’re fighting alongside the person who is backing you up” for instance.

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For loads more up-to-date statistics…

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It’s updated monthly and covers 11 different topics from advertising, content, customer experience, mobile, ecommerce and social.


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