3 Examples of How you Can Use Video to Standout (And How To Shoot Yours)

3 Examples of How you Can Use Video to Standout (And How To Shoot Yours)

If you are only focusing on the written aspect of your website, well, you might be missing on a big opportunity. Why? Because you are neglecting video, and video is huge online. Just to give you an idea, the New York Times has around 30 million unique visitors monthly, and YouTube has 1 billion monthly unique visitors.

Identify how to leverage and integrate video content for a website is not always easy, though. Below you’ll find 3 examples that might give you some inspiration.

1. Driving with John Chow

You probably heard about John Chow, right? He blogs about making money online, and is pretty good at it! Around one year ago or so John started a video series called “Driving with John Chow.” He basically records himself driving his Mercedez around (which doesn’t hurt his brand!) and talking about Internet marketing. Not coincidentaly those videos are quite popular, and it helped him to differentiate himself from other blogs in the niche.

2. Problogger Video Posts

Another blogger you certainly are familiar with is Darren Rowse, of Problogger.net fame. Darren has a category on his site called “Video Posts.” The content of those videos is very similar to his normal posts, but instead of writing them he records a video. The strategy works because it allows Darren to engage his readers in a different way.

3. TechCrunch TV

A couple of years ago TechCrunch realized that if wanted to be a true reference in the tech and startup news segment, it would need to start releasing videos. That is why they created TechCrunch TV, a section of the website completely dedicated to video material. I don’t have the numbers, but I suspect that section is becoming one of the most popular lately.

How to Produce Your Online Video

There are many ways to produce an online video. Below I’ll give you four ideas:

1. Hire a Professional Company

If you are planning to do something more professional, either to make money directly with your videos, or to promote your products and services, you might want to hire a video production company to help out. One that I recommend is PhinkProductions.com, as I have seen some of their videos, and they were all top notch.

2. Use Screencasting Software

A very easy way to create a video is to use screencasting software, like Camstasia. If your videos will feature tutorials, how-tos or tips, this format might be ideal. You basically record your screen while you explanin something for the viewers. Most of these software capture your voice too, and allow you to show yourself on a small window if you want.

3. Use Your Webcam

Perhaps the simplest way to get started with online video is simply to turn your webcam on and to start talking in front of it. Despite being simple, the format is quite popular on YouTube. In fact there are many people who grew quite an audience by simply talking about funny or interesting things in front of the webcam, and some are even making good money out of it (e.g., Philip DeFranco).

4. Learn it online!

You can learn nearly everything on your own nowadays – thanks to the Internet. And you can start producing videos with your phone or a camera, as explained above. There are so many online resources you can rely on, especially video tutorials, since they always provide the best detailed explanations for beginners. Below is an example to get you started:

Steadicam Tutorial from Phink on Vimeo.


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