3 More Efficient & Time-Saving Youtube Search Tools Than Youtube

3 More Efficient & Time-Saving Youtube Search Tools Than Youtube

Youtube stores lots of valuable information. I find myself searching Youtube more and more often. It’s an awesome way to enhance your research, check your competitors’ visual tactics and even manage your own product reputation.

For some reason, Youtube own search engine has always been somewhat lacking and white it has nice filters and supports handy search operators, it’s not quite usable.

Here are three tools to make more of Youtube search:

Motion Picker

Best for:

  • Online research (Filter results by duration: The longer, the more informative)
  • Reputation management research (Filter results by “Upload date”)

Motion Picker makes search filters much more usable (by letting you play with them in the left-hand panel) and allows you to play any video right within search results without ever leaving the page.

Playing with filters is actually addictive: I wish you didn’t have to click “search” each time you change the filter…

I tend to keep the “Smart sorting” disabled because, per my experience, it decreases the quality of search results.

The tool also exists as Google chrome extension.

You can use multiple variations of your keyword phrases one search string using OR boolean operator.

Check Your Youtube Reputation Tool Tool

Best for:

  • Online reputation search
  • Quick competitor research
  • Quick topic research

Check Your Youtube Reputation Tool Tool” presents the videos in a handy two-/three-column format; the videos are large enough so you can watch them right within search results as you scroll.

You can use multiple variations of your brand name (one word, domain, social media moniker, etc) as one search string using commas.

UpNext Music Player

(Google Chrome only)

Best for:

  • Listening to podcasts
  • Multi-tasking

UpNext Music Player is an awesome Google Chrome extension that lets you search Youtube (and Soundcloud) and watch videos (or listen to podcasts) without ever going to Youtube. It’s a great way to listen to your favorite podcast or speaker in the background.

The only downside of this awesome tool is that it’s Google Chrome only.

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How often do you search Youtube? Please share your tips!


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