3 Reasons Why Branded Video Will Boom in 2013


3 Reasons Why Branded Video Will Boom in 2013

Kids growing up in the 21st century will never know the luxury of watching a YouTube video without a commercial. 

This is because advertisers want to market their products to particular audiences. Here are 3 Reasons why Branded Video will Boom in 2013.



1. Enhanced Targeting Options

Video marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly popular not only thanks to their effectiveness but also to the precise targeting options. Branded videos are customized to the individual watching and target their specific interests. Individual’s interests can be accurately tracked through computer history where cookies related to websites that have been visited are being saved. Companies then translate this information into advertisements that are supposed to catch a consumer’s attention before a video starts playing. 

These online targeting options allow companies to create branded videos that meet their customer’s specific interests and therefore raise effectiveness of the marketing campaigns. This is a significant advantage compared to broadcast campaigns, which reach rather general audience.  




2. Branded Video Triggers Immediate Desired Reaction

Despite being on the rise, branded video is not something that is making headlines because it is done so subtly and with gradual increases.  While before it was easy to watch a video on Youtube or Hulu without a single advertisement, now companies are placing two to three advertisements in a video to make sure brands are seen. Such advertising stimulates consumer’s online buying habits in particular and since customers can shop in online stores practically 24 hours per day, advertising can trigger immediate purchases. 





3. Benefits for all 

So what are the benefits of the branded video content for advertiser, producer and the viewer? 

The Advertiser will experience much higher retention and click through rates compared to the similar text ad in a block with other ads. The total investment in outright sponsorship compared with buying a number of commercials across the same show on a network would be about the same.

The Producer gets a better deal because the value proposition for the advertiser lets them charge most of the cost of production to the advertiser.

The Viewer gets a better deal compared to traditional advertising because the advertising is limited to a pre-roll ad or a post-roll ad with perhaps a sponsor logo instead of a station “bug”. If the advertising is entertaining and done in the style of the upcoming show, the ads could become desirable content in this context. In fact advertising that’s relevant to the viewer is not only tolerated but welcomed.




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