3 Things to Help Optimize Your Videos for Search Engines


With Google ranking video in the top ten results and allowing non Google properties to show up, there is a huge opportunity for website owners and ecommerce sites to optimize their videos for search engines like Google and get more traffic.  Not only can you help to rank your website and images to bring in new traffic, but you can now have your videos drive even more with an extra position in the search engines. Here are three important things that you can do to help optimize your videos for search engines.

Keyword Research for Video SEO

Google offers a free tool for their search engine called the Adwords Keyword Tool.  This tool provides you with estimates of the search volume for different terms within Google. By taking a general phrase like “real estate marketing” and adding terms like video to the search query like “how to do real estate marketing video”, you can see what long tail phrases have volume and which ones do not. By using these variations you can not only begin to optimize for the main phrases, but also try to show up for other long tail variations.

To use this tool, just type the phrases into the top box labeled word or phrase. Next you can enter in the other fields (which is optional. I usually don’t do it when I am doing keyword research.). Now just enter in the captcha (unless you have an adwords account) and click search. Google will now display all of the keywords and variations it can find that are relevant with their estimated search volumes.

Optimize your Videos for Search Engines

Optimize your Videos for Search Engines

Now that you know what phrases and keywords have traffic, you can take the high volume base keyword “real estate marketing” and include your modifiers like video, watch, buy, guide or even how to and include them within your video SEO strategy. Once you have your long tail keywords ready to go, it’s time to incorporate them into your site, video description and into the copy on the page where you are hosting your video.

Transcribing Your Video for Search Engines and End Users

One thing that many site owners forget to do is to transcribe their videos. One of the most important factors in getting a page and being able to optimize your videos for search engines on that page in order to help them to show up is the copy on that page. Transcribing your videos helps you to add a ton of great and original and relevant copy about the video and help you optimize your videos for search engines. It also helps create a better user experience for Deaf people since they can only watch your video.

By transcribing, using closed captioning and incorporating your keyword phrases into your videos, you will not only help more people be able to access your information, but you may be able to help show the relevance of the video to your keywords and get it to rank better inside the search results. This also creates a positive user experience, especially for Deaf people and can help them to want to come back to your site, share your site and refer other people to it.

Encourage liking and sharing

One thing that some search engines look for is social interaction with the video, or the pages the videos are hosted on. If the page is being shared by real people (not the site owner or employees of the company), it shows that the video is something people enjoy and want to watch. If the video is hosted on YouTube, having likes, comments and other things are also indicators that this is something of interest (either positive or negative).

Ideally you would like everything to be positive; but if everything is liked and positive, it may not look natural so you want a good mix. In your video you should encourage people to share it on sites like Twitter and Facebook as well as leave comments and click like. You should also let them know they can embed this video onto their own site and that you would love to have their feedback in the comments section. By remembering to tell people to do something, you put the idea in their head that they should interact with you. This can help to cause signals that the video has content people want and can help to get you to show up more often in search results.

There are other things that can help you optimize your videos for search engines such as having links pointing to your video, having other sites embed your YouTube video if you want the YouTube version to rank, etc… The main thing to remember is to have a quality video that causes sharing, comments and interaction with the viewers. You then need to make sure the copy and content around it is relevant, original and is focused on the topic of the video.




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