3 Tricks to Linking a YouTube Video

3 Tricks to Linking a YouTube Video

YouTube is an incredibly popular website. It is a video sharing site which allows the users to not only view and share videos but also upload, rate, and comment on them. Individuals upload most of the videos on this site, but there is also content from cooperating media, including clips from TV shows, music videos, and movie trailers. Big media corporations such as BBC, Hulu, and Vevo offer some of their content on YouTube.

You can share these videos with anyone. You can share their link on your social media profiles. It is possible that the videos are long, so if you want to show someone a part of the video which is only a few seconds long, but the video is several minutes long, then it can be a difficult situation. But you do not have to worry because there is a method which allows you to share a particular section in the video. It is a simple process, and it will save you the trouble of watching the whole video.

Here are some simple tricks which will allow you to create a link for a specific part of a video. It is not a difficult or lengthy process; you can create a link in minutes.

1. The lengthy way of adding time stamp code

In this method, you need to find the URL of a video you want to share. The URL is the link that shows in the address bar of the browser while you are watching the video. The URL is not the link that shows when you click the “share” button. There is a certain format that you need to use to specify the starting time of the video: #t=2m10s. The first part of the of the format #t= is known as the time stamp. The second part shows the time, and it specifies the minutes and seconds. You can add this code to the URL of the video and share it with other people. In this way, people should not have to watch the boring introduction, and they will just watch the relevant part. It will assist in increasing the video’s natural YouTube views.

2. The easy and short method

There is an easy and quick method which allows the shared video to start at a particular time. You can do it by using the sharing options of YouTube videos. First of all, you need to go to the website and look for the video you want to share. The next step is to click on the “share” link. The options will expand, and it will show the choices for how you can share the video. If you look at the bottom of the sharing options, you will see a checkbox marked as “start at.” In this check box you need to put the start time. Once you scroll to the specific time you want the video to start at it will record that time automatically. It is the easiest way of attaching the time stamp to the video you are sharing.

3. If you own the video

If you are the owner of the video and it is hosted on your channel, then you have the option of editing the video and only showing the version with the particular part you want to show. It is a good way to save the time of the viewers and give them only the parts of the video they are interested it. The editing tools of the site may not be the best, but they are capable of cutting off extra minutes and making it small.

Sharing only a particular part of the YouTube videos is an excellent way of increasing the views of your videos. People using the internet do not have a long attention span. They get bored quickly, so if you want to keep them interested you should only share the exciting parts of the videos. Nowadays people prefer to use the YouTube website from their mobile phones and they do not want to sit staring at a video which is minutes long.

Featured photo credit: Gerd Altmann via pixabay.com

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