30 Video Tutorials for learning to use Adobe Premiere Pro

30 Video Tutorials for learning to use Adobe Premiere Pro


Digital creatives are known for delving into new topics of interest. Personally I love entertainment media, especially related to film or animation. Adobe Premiere Pro is a top-tier video suite which can help directors and other film editors put together finished pieces. But when you don’t know anything about the software it’s very confusing and practically off-putting to a newcomer.

I’ve catalogued a total of 30 brilliant Premiere Pro tutorials for anyone new to video editing. This gallery includes bare-bone basics along with more advanced topics of splitting, transitions, effects, lighting, and exporting. If you truly want to learn all you need is time and a little patience.


Premiere Pro CS6 Basics

tutorial learn premiere pro cs6 basic ideas video

Learning the Basics: Premiere Pro

learning basics premiere pro cs6 howto video youtube

Import, Edit, and Export

premiere pro cs5.5 cs5 edit import videos

Working with Text

working with text premiere pro cs5 howto

The Project Panel

premiere pro video tutorial project panel

The Timeline

adobe premiere pro timeline tutorial

Monitor Panels

monitor panels tutorial premiere pro cs5

Working with Keyframes

working with keyframes premiere pro tutorial

Tools Panel

tools panel premiere pro software tutorial video

Diagonal Split Screen

diagonal split screen premiere pro

Basic Editing

basic editing premiere pro tutorial video

Exposure & Lighting Effects

premiere pro video tutorial lighting effects

Premiere Pro CS5 Transitions

premiere pro cs5.5 transitions tutorial video howto

Performing a Multicam Edit

multicam edit premiere pro tutorial video youtube

Make Video Look Cinematic

make video cinematic effect premiere pro tutorial

Using the Track Matte Effect

track matte effect tutorial premiere pro

Rolling Titles

rolling titles premiere pro tutorial

Pan & Zoom + Corner Pin

pan zoom corner pin effects premiere pro

Trimming to Beats and Words

premiere pro cs5.5 tutorial beats words trimming videos

Music Video Editing Workflow

music video editing premiere pro cs5 tutorial

Multicamera Editing in Premiere Pro CS6

premiere pro cs6 youtube tutorial multi camera editing

After Effects & Premiere Pro Dynamic Link

premiere pro cs5 cs6 tutorial dynamic link after effects

Adjusting Tonality – Brightness & Contrast

adjusting tonality premiere pro cs6 tutorial

Syncing and Unlinking Audio with Video

sync unlink audio video together premiere pro tutorial

Cut-Away Editing Techniques

cutaway technique adobe premiere pro tutorial

Animated Background Title

animated background tutorial title card premiere pro

Nesting Sequences

nesting sequences video tutorial premiere pro

Premiere Pro: Advanced Editing Tricks

premiere pro advanced editing tutorial video

Saving/Exporting Video

save export video tutorial howto premiere pro

Export Full HD Video for YouTube

premiere pro cs6 cc export video howto youtube hidef


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