3D Robotics launching sci-fi video series, all shot on its drones

3D Robotics launching sci-fi video series, all shot on its drones

You might not think of a drone manufacturer as a film producer, but 3D Robotics (3DR) is planning on changing your mind.

This week, Fast Company learned exclusively that 3DR—founded and led by former Wired magazine editor-in-chief Chris Anderson—will release a trailer for its new original series of films dubbed Life After Gravity.

The series is about “the blessings and poisons of extraordinary power, the many conflicts of its pursuit, and the birth of a new era for our civilization when we’re suddenly relieved of the trappings of gravity,” according to 3DR.

Shot entirely using 3DR’s Solo drones and GoPro cameras, the series shows a dystopian future set primarily in Hong Kong and the Mexican jungle and highlights the tension between the forces of science and anti-science, as well as “a menacing international space agency . . . a type III alien civilization,” and even the beginnings of a new human age.

3DR says the films were shot by its in-house production team in conjunction with producers and Solo users in a variety of locations around the globe. All of it was shot using only standard Solo drone equipment. In short, the company—one of the world’s largest makers of consumer drones—is trying to show that its flagship drone is a “complete video production unit in a backpack.” It’s also providing user field reports with each of the series’ six episodes that include behind-the-scene videos and blog posts about the productions.

“The entire concept behind Solo was to give people a powerful and easy-to-use new storytelling tool that fits in a single backpack,” 3DR wrote. “And with this series, we’re putting that fundamental concept into real-world practice so you can see the results.”


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