4 Ways Employers Can Use Social Video to Attract Top Talent

4 Ways Employers Can Use Social Video to Attract Top Talent

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Welcome to the rise of online video everything.

We use videos to share the important moments of our lives, to challenge our friends to donate to a worthy cause or even to find great new hire. According to Shutterstock and comScore, 190 million Americans watched an average of 397 million online videos in the month of January alone. Increasingly, we are moving from a culture of passive observers to one of active participants. In fact, 46% of online adults have become content creators, posting photos and videos to their networks, according to the Pew Center for Research.

For employers and recruiters, it’s not hard to see the potential value of video content. It can give recruiters a comprehensive idea of a candidate’s professionalism, poise and passion. Employers can also benefit from creating videos to show off their company culture and attract top recruits. Below, we examine some of the ways to take advantage of social video — it may just be the next big hiring trend.

How job seekers are using social video

Job seekers are turning to social channels to apply for jobs. Video is a quick way to allow candidates to stand out from the pack, and to make an instant impression. Considering today’s highly competitive career landscape, it only makes sense to differentiate yourself.

Video resumes are a smart choice for candidates across a variety of industries, from creative fields, in which candidates are lauded for out-of-the-box thinking, to technical fields, in which the ability to find new ways of approaching old problems is key.

There are examples of creative candidates using the power of video everywhere: For example, the woman who made a savvy, six-second Vine resume and got the job, or the creative candidate who started his own Kickstarter-type campaign (complete with video).

How employers can implement social video

As job seekers continue to embrace the video medium, it’s time for employers and recruiters to determine ways of using video to attract the right candidates, build up an attractive employer brand and connect with the best talent. Here are just a few ways employers can press record — or play — and ensure they hire the right candidate every time.

  • 1. Create a recruiting video. Smart employers and recruiters will use video to tell a story about an open position to interested job seekers. If you want really creative and extraordinary candidates to apply to your company, you need to go beyond job boards and static listings and connect with these candidates in a language they can understand.

    Make a recruiting video specific to each open position, giving candidates information about the job, its tasks and why they should want to apply. Be playful, be fun and give candidates as much information as you can about the position. While you want to keep these videos short and sweet to cater to the short digital attention span, you also want to give candidates enough information to ensure you attract the right people.

  • 2. Roll film on company culture. Your company culture should be a huge part of your employer brand and attracting top talent to your organization, and using video to do so can help interested candidates get a better feel for what your organization is all about.

    Take your camera around the office and record a typical day. Bring it around on special occasions, such as brainstorming retreats or company picnics. Put these videos up on your careers page and on any recruiting platforms to help candidates envision themselves working at the company.

  • 3. Invite candidates to participate in a video interview.

  • The video interview is a useful way to connect with candidates, no matter how far away they live or how packed their schedule is. Connecting in a one-way video interview, in which candidates answer questions in short video answers, allows passive candidates to make time in their schedule. It can also save time in your hiring process, since you skip out on connecting face-to-face with people who are all wrong for the job.

    More importantly, with the skills gap leading to 38% of employers with open positions they cannot fill, video interviewing can help you break down geographic barriers. Need a great developer, but can’t find one in your backyard? With online video, you can now connect with someone across the country — or even across the world.

  • 4. Encourage creative applications. Sometimes, candidates need a little encouragement to get creative. Set up your application process with creativity in mind. Ask for candidates to record a video showing off their proudest accomplishment, or set up your application process as a contest, having candidates perform one specific test and then choosing the most skilled. The important thing is to choose a creative metric to give you a solid idea of a candidate’s concrete skills and communication ability. When you encourage creative application methods, you’re more likely to attract creative candidates.

It makes sense to use popular tools to connect with smart, tech-savvy candidates. In today’s video-centric world, technology is an integral part of the hiring process, helping to ensure that you hire the best possible team.


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