4 Ways To Convince Your Boss to Use Video for Business

4 Ways To Convince Your Boss to Use Video for Business

Like most marketers you’re always looking for ways to convince your boss to use video. Video is taking over the internet, and it is a trend that does not show any signs of stopping. Some have resisted using video in their businesses thus far, whether due to a fear of initial expense, or an assumption that doing so was not necessary. At this point, though, there is no longer any advantage to holding back on using such a powerful tool.

As a video production company in Atlanta, we are here to help answer your questions and help you convince your boss to use video!

If you have had trouble convincing your boss to adopt video, there is no better time to change his or her mind than now. Here are four ways you can show your boss the value of adopting the new standard in marketing.

#1 – Point Out Video’s Overwhelming Popularity

People love watching videos. As broadband internet service has made its way throughout the country, along with increasing mobile data speeds, everyone is viewing videos. Pew Internet stats indicated that the number of Americans viewing videos on sites like YouTube went up from 66 percent in 2010, to 71 percent in 2011. Statista shows even higher use for 2012, with 92 percent of users in the Unites States watching online videos.

#2 – Show Them A Video That Went Viral

Depending on when you are reading this, one video or another has gone viral recently. When you explain what a viral video is, how it can make its way into the majority of homes across the nation in the blink of an eye, you are bound to generate some interest.

#3 – Stress Competitiveness

According to eMarketer, online video was the fastest growing ad medium of 2012, with a growth of almost 55 percent. Businesses are not blind to this trend, and are doing all they can to take advantage of it. Potential customers are more likely to watch a video than an other type of ad. If your business fails to try its hand, the competition will.

#4 – Show How Video Bolsters Your Image

Because so many businesses are using video, this type of marketing is quickly becoming a sign of professionalism. Customers are not aware that a professional quality video does not have to be expensive. They just assume that if a company puts in the effort produce a high quality video, they are on the same level as their competitors. Explain how a well-made video can improve the company’s image to prospective clients or customers.

Talk To Your Boss About Video Production Like You Mean Business:

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