40 Video Stats You Must Know if You Work in eCommerce [Infographic]

40 Video Stats You Must Know if You Work in eCommerce [Infographic]

As you scroll through your social media feeds these days, you’re probably encountering at least a couple of notifications about video content – an in progress live-stream on Instagram; A new video posted on Facebook; The latest viral clip on YouTube.

It’s 2017, and video is everywhere, and more and more brands are getting involved – especially eCommerce businesses.

And its easy to see why – in terms online retail, for example, video is expected to become the single, most powerful driver of visitor engagement and conversions. Video is a perfect, all-in-one medium that combines visual and audio experience, capable of evoking powerful emotional reactions that can help connect people to brands, products, and personas.

Check out this infographic from Goodvidio with data and stats about how video on social media will impact e-commerce in 2017.


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