5 Benefits of Online Video Marketing

5 Benefits of Online Video Marketing

More and more small businesses are discovering the power of online video marketing. And with good reason – it’s become cheaper than ever to implement, not to mention easy to distribute thanks to YouTube and the like. Still not convinced? Here are several benefits of online video marketing that are sure to have you yelling “Action!” in the near future.

Video adds the “wow” factor to your online marketing

Not to belittle the written word, but videos add a punch to your marketing efforts that text just can’t. They’re eye-catching, they’re effective, and they stimulate viewers in ways that are impossible to do with text. Videos are an easy way to convey your marketing message in a memorable fashion.

Video sets you apart from the crowd

Despite the fact that video marketing is more affordable and easier to do than ever, most small businesses still aren’t taking advantage of it. Incorporating video into your marketing strategy can help you stand out from the crowd and enable you to gain the edge over your competitors.

Video puts a face to your brand

People prefer to do business with those they like and trust. Video helps prospects get to know you much more easily than ordinary words can, and once they get to know you, they’ll hopefully learn to like and trust you, as well.

Video helps convey complex information more clearly

When it comes to explaining complex ideas or information, video is oftentimes much more suited to the task than the written word. After all, wouldn’t you rather watch someone demonstrate how to use a product than slog through a bunch of hard-to-decipher instructions? Yeah, we thought so.

Video is more likely to go viral

If you make an awesome, buzzworthy video, people are going to share it. Sharing leads to more exposure to your message and increased interest in your company and its products and services. Video is the best way to reach lots of potential customers and get your marketing message heard (and seen).

These are just a few reasons why online video marketing can benefit your small business, so consider adding video to your digital marketing strategy in the new year. Who knows – your company’s web video could become the next big Internet sensation.


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