It has been over a year now since Twitter launched its short video sharing service Vine. While a few brands were quick to jump onto the app (we covered 5 of the best early adopters), many more have since realized the value Vine brings to a business. In just 6 seconds, brands are creating entertaining and memorable moments for followers and clients, and highlighting their products in the process.

Not yet pursuaded of the app’s business potential? To convince you otherwise, here are 5 of the best brands on Vine:


Target has honed in on people’s tendency to share social media content during holidays and big events (when people also do a lot of shopping). Their Vine videos are a testament to that fact, with creative clips paying tribute to Thanksgiving, Halloween and, as in the above clip, Black Friday. Target doesn’t try to sell, but create something sharable that puts their brand top of mind as people head out shopping for the big day, whatever day that is.

Samsung Mobile US

Unlike many other brands using Vine, Samsung Mobile is great at actually using real people in their videos. Their clips are still creative, but in a way that shows the regular follower how their might make use of a Samsung phone or smart watch. Without pushing the product too hard, the above video showcases the value of a smart watch (it’s accessible wherever you are). That’s good content marketing.

Peanut Butter & Co

Proving that you don’t need to be a major brand for Vine to benefit your business, the 12-person team behind Peanut Butter & Co. turned a 6-second video into a profitable venture. On National Peanut Butter Day (April 2nd, for the record), the company released a Vine video meant to drive traffic to a 2-for-1 coupon. The above “How to Make the Perfect PB&J Sandwich” clip earned the small business 300,000 impressions and helped contribute to over 6,000 coupon downloads. That’s money in the bank.

USA Today

It’s not an easy time to be a daily newspaper but those that survive are embracing new formats for distributing information. USA Today is one example thanks to their commitment to social media tools. The paper’s Vine account is regularly updated with creative videos that showcase various news items of the day. But this isn’t your dry TV news brief. USA Today has found a way to present the news like no one else, by taking chances and using their creativity. As the above Vine video shows, newspapers can in fact stay on top of tech trends and appeal to an audience with a very short attention-span.

Trident Gum

Trident is one of the brands that really understands the technical abilities of the Vine app, from looping to stop motion. Rather than try to appeal to people’s taste buds, they’re appealing to people’s love of creativity and art. Their videos are quirky and fun, but Trident is still able to showcase their product. Chew on that.