5 Brand-Building Ways to Use Periscope

5 Brand-Building Ways to Use Periscope

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It’s been just over a year since Periscope launched, and at last count, the application had more than 10 million users, with 2 million daily users.

Periscope’s integration with Twitter is helping expand its audience and compete with Facebook Live. On Periscope, users can easily stream live video from a mobile device with real-time interaction. Periscope can be a really strong marketing tool for your brand because it’s easy, fast and affordable, allowing you to communicate with customers instantly.

Here are five brand-building ways to use Periscope:

  1. Behind-the-scenes: Behind-the-scenes livestreaming gives users an authentic look into your brand. It gives them an opportunity to not only learn what you’re about, but who you are—who’s behind the scenes, what’s the context behind the story, how the company works. This is critical in an age where transparency and trust add extreme value to your brand.
  2. Q&A: Question-and-answer sessions are a great way to engage in live time with your audience. Even more important than the content you’ll be discussing in the Q&A session is the opportunity for relationship-building this provides. The lines of communication are direct, live and honest. It hasn’t been refined or scripted. This transparent communication channel is one of the best customer-service tools in your arsenal.
  3. Instant announcements: Remember the days of carefully crafted press releases and copy editing before sending your publication to the printer? Yeah, that was fun … but today, you don’t need to wait for the next news cycle to pick up your story or announcement. You can instantly share it yourself. Of course, like any solid marketing professional, you’ll still want to create an official press release. Periscope can serve as an instant platform to share the basics and generate excitement about the forthcoming update.
  4. How-to demos: If you’re launching a new product, Periscope is the perfect platform to share details with your audience. Show and tell is an exciting and interactive way to help users understand your product and to educate them on how to use it. You can also field questions in live time, catering your demo to the needs of your active audience.
  5. Inspiring via influencers: Influencers serve as a trusted, authentic voice for your brand. Partner with an influencer to create dual scopes. This will help promote your Periscopes to an audience that might not follow you otherwise. Influencers are also great storytellers. By featuring a variety of storytellers behind your live streams, you’ll open up a door to connect with a more diverse audience. Contact us to learn how you can connect with our Periscope influencers.


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