5 Content Formats That Perform Way Better Than Plain Blog Posts

5 Content Formats That Perform Way Better Than Plain Blog Posts

More than two-thirds of all the content on the internet is visual in nature. This means that web is driven by visual content, and it is what your users prefer the most. This also means that you have to start thinking beyond promotional blogs and long form content with visual media.

But what exactly comes under the category of visual content, how to create good visual content, and how to embed this content into your blogs to drive more traffic? Don’t worry, I – along with my content team at QuikConsult – have come up with this post to help you with the same.

Below listed are 5 content forms that perform better than the plain blog posts along with points to plan and market them.


Why read 1000-word article when the same ideas can be conveyed visually through infographics. They are easy to make, quickly convey ideas, and most importantly are loved by the internet users. Infographics also drive more traffic from social media through its sharability factor.

Here are a few tips to creating high-quality infographics:

  • If you have time I hand, use online tools like Canva to create infographics on your own. Busy in growing your business? Hire a designer to get the job done.
  • Add charts, tables and graphs to make your infographics more informative and data driven. Don’t count big on plain figures and text.
  • Besides sharing it on your social network, also integrate it in blog posts and publish it on Slideshare.


When ideas are conveyed through images, they stays longer with the audience. Images add visual appeal to plain blog posts, are loved on social media, and have wider sharing channels. So, the benefits of adding images to your content strategy are humongous. Here are a few tips to channelize the power of images:

  • Use only high definition images. Blurred and pixelated images are rarely loved.
  • Unsplash is a great free source of high quality images from professional photographers.
  • Optimize your images for every social channel. Remember, one size doesn’t fit all.
  • Use images to shares industry stats, testimonials, and motivation content.


People are consuming more and more video content since it ranks higher on engagement in comparison to plain text. In fact, certain blogs run solely on video content. Vlogs, as we call them! Creating intriguing videos for your products or company can be a bit of a task but once you have mastered the art, there is no looking back. Here are few points to get going with video content:

  • Invest in a good video-editing software to create master videos.
  • Hire an experienced video-editor to polish your work.
  • If sharing on Youtube, optimize your videos with diverse tags, relevant title, and informative video description.


Gifs are quite a craze on social media along with memes and rank very high on engagement quotient. Mostly used to add a pinch of humour/satire to blogs, they are evolving into a great way to tell stories that will stay with the audience. Here are couple of tips and ideas to use gifs in the right manner:

  • Use software like Giphy to discover and create gifs.
  • Use their social appeal to market your regular blog posts.
  • Make sure to duly credit the software used to create the gif. This will send good karma your way

Even serious brands are hopping on the gif train to connect with teens and youngsters. So, there is no way you should miss on them.


If you have high quality content in textual and video form, then, it makes perfect sense to convert it into podcasts. The digital audio files are favoured by people who multitask and only have their ears to spare (Think driving and jogging). The best part is that podcasts are very easy to come up with, for you just need microphone and the voice of your own!

Here are few podcasting tips for better reach and mileage:

  • Use audio focused channels like Soundcloud to share podcasts with the masses.
  • Integrate them to your blog posts and give more content options to your audience.
  • Make them part of your newsletter!

I’m sure I have managed to convince you that plain blogging is not the only thing that can generate traffic and engagement for you. Deploying above channels of content creation and sharing will help you reinvent the content you have been posting on your blog. I’m trying to do the same for my online advice startup, QuikConsult!

So, go out and experiment with your content. Amazing results are awaiting you!


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